Winter can be tough.  Many of us would rather stay indoors away from the rain and cold temperatures, cozy in our homes, but when you have children, staying indoors all day simply isn’t an option.  If you are looking for a beautiful exhibit that the entire family will enjoy, then don’t miss the beautiful Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibit currently on display at the Natural History Museum of Basel.

This child–friendly museum houses live bugs, microscopes for hands-on discovery, large dinosaur skeletons, a woolly mammoth and a great deal of other opportunities to keep children occupied.  The top floor is currently home to some spectacular images shot from professional and novice photographers from around the globe.  Children will be inspired by the gorgeous images of animals, natural landscapes and might even be keen to take – up photography when they see the child section on display profiling budding artists.  There is one section that shows man vs. animals, which provides graphic images of how man uses/abuses animals. This section can easily be skipped over if one finds the images too disturbing, or better yet, may just provide a wonderful opportunity to teach children compassion and kindness.


The exhibit will be on display until April 3, 2016.

Address: Augustinergasse 2, 4051 Basel
Hours: Closed Monday     Tuesday – Sunday 10:00 – 17:00
Cost of Admission –Museum Pass Accepted or CHF Adults CHF 7 and Youth/Students – CHF 5
1st Sunday of the month – Free Admission -I believe the last hour of museum operation  is open free of charge under their “happy hour” admission.


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