Can you feel it? I’m witnessing the world awaken after a long, dark winter. Each time I venture outdoors I smile as coats are being shed, as I hear the birds in full song, observe the days stretch longer before us as we climb into bed later and later. The flowers are rich pink, yellow, blue and white and I feel a rush of relief wash over me. Spring, oh, how we have missed you!


This time of year we I get remarkably itchy. Itchy to spend as much time outdoors, stretching those winter legs, dusting off the cobwebs that have entangled themselves around my body, and just like a dog freshly released, I run and shake with giddiness.  Get me out there!

2015-12-28-Hike_17 If you are looking for a nice hike this weekend (the weather looks incredible) here is once to consider.

Aesch to Ruine Pfeffingen to ? – You decide!

Transportation: Tram 11 to Aesch Dorf


Get off the tram in Aesch Dorf (this is the end of the line) and walk to the right (when you are facing the tram). You will soon see the yellow signpost pointing you in the direction of Pfeffingen. Follow the signs to Pfeffingen.  The castle has been under construction the last few times we visited, however, the area is still beautiful. From Pfeffingen, you can either make the climb up to Eggflue (might be tough with little ones) where on a clear day, stunning views await. Once on Eggflue, there are a few grills to enjoy lunch. From there you can loop back around and head to Aesch and take the tram back home.


For a longer hike, consider following the post signs from Eggflue to Blauen (another spot to grill with wood) and then on to Ettigen where you can catch the 10 tram back to Basel.  Enjoy your weekend!


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