The outside beckons.  The crisp, fresh morning yields itself to the extending, warming days.  To feel the draw, the pull to the mountains, brings excitement that a new season is here.  A season of exploring new places, seeing the world and experiencing the vast.  Here, in the Swiss Alps, this expansive world can be easily reached, with awe and jaw dropping landscapes of impressive dynamic.  This even-changing world in the mountains pleases the spirit with dancing light, evolving clouds and layers of peaks.

Information on the wanderweg trail system and hiking in Switzerland can be found on our hiking Switzerland post, as well as more photos via our Swiss Alps tag page.

2015-07-04-Trift_485What I like about this shot:  there is drama with the hikers crossing the snow pack, accented by the colorful peaks as a backdrop, and the scree sloping to the left which inquires the mind as to where the landscape leads.

This shot was taken in the Trift area of the Swiss Alps, more about the access point on this link, and be sure to follow for upcoming articles on this and more.

This post is part of the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Landscape

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