Arlesheim Dorf to Muttenz Dorf


Looking for another inspiration for a wonderful hike? Look no further.  Take the tram 10 towards Dornach.  Get off at Arlesheim Dorf , cross over the tram tracks and head towards the left.  There you will see a yellow sign post or wanderweg.

Follow the sign to Ermitage.  Once you arrive at the Ermitage, you may explore the area or walk up to the top and discover the castle.  The castle maintains odd hours, so it is quite possible you may not gain access during your visit.  From their, you can walk around the lake/pond and continue on following the wanderweg to Schönmatt.  At Schönmatt, consider eating a meal or purchasing some delicious farm goods from the farm shop.  You can now continue your hike onto Muttenz.


Or, another option includes, skipping Ermitage and hanging to the right as you pass Ermitage.  Continue on the path, which is a good 30 minute climb. After you reach the plateau, there is a lovely bench that will allow you to take a breath, eat a snack and enjoy the view.


After the bench you will continue on.  From here you can either walk to Schönmatt or move to the left and go through the woods to Muttenz. Here you will see another yellow wanderweg pointing you in the direction of Muttenz.  There is a nice grilling spot to enjoy a proper picnic lunch.  Continue on and head into Muttenz. You pass a local horse farm, which is a hit with the children.  Stop to pet the horses, but remember not to feed them.  When the small horses on on your right, continue down the hill and make a right at the bottom.  Go straight with the walled in church on your right.  Tram 14 will be in front of you once you are at the end of the main street.  Cross over the tracks and board the tram back to Basel or to your final destination.


This hike takes about two hours for adults, however, with children allow three to three and a half hours.  This hike can be completed with a stroller, however, be prepared to push!  The hike is approximately 9km.



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