I’ve mentioned before that Basel is a fabulous place to call home for so many reasons, but Basel is also a highly transient city, meaning people we have welcomed into our lives come and go all the time. Many of those living the “expat life” reside in a country for just a short time, as work contracts often dictate our location in the world.  Thus we give into the demands of the agreement and flee when time is up.


Countless friends who have filled our lives with tremendous joy, have left Basel leaving us with lumps in our throats and tears in our eyes. Their absence is a significant loss in our lives.


I used to carry their departures with me like heavy weights, but today I think of them differently. We now have the privilege of knowing a plethora of incredible people around the world, which now makes travel all the sweeter.


When we return home to the States, we are greeted by old smiles and familiar hugs. When we visit gorgeous islands we are welcomed with open arms into friend’s homes and for a brief period of time, we catch a rare glimpse of what their new lives entail.


We feel grateful for those experiences and enjoy our travels all the more when we have the opportunity to visit with those people that at one time used to fill our days.  We also have the good fortune of living in a pretty awesome place that attracts friends and family far and wide. With open arms and open doors we are blessed to be able to continue our friendships either here in Basel, or elsewhere.  So now instead of having our hearts ache over the departure of our friends, we have changed our perspective.  We are learning to embrace whatever time we have with these genuine people who quickly become dear friends and learn that though they have physically departed, our friendships will and do continue.  How lucky are we?

2013-06-19-mlrca_177 A special thanks to our awesome friends in Mallorca for making our recent trip so memorable.

4 thoughts on “New Perspective

    1. Yes, I will be honest, it took me several years to view the departure of our friends in a different light. Not to say that good-bye’s are ever easy, but now we have incredible people to visit around the world. All the best to you!

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