Here is the truth, I am a podcast junkie. At the gym, commuting around the city, or simply completing a mundane task, you will see me with my ear buds popped in and listening away. I love to hear the stories, learn the lesson, discover an aha moment, or simply feel more human after hearing very personal stories. Podcasts are a beautiful way to learn something new, to challenge current beliefs, to change a perspective and that is why I listen.

Here are a few of my current favorites. Listen and enjoy!

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Frontline – My gosh, as an American I am currently listening to, “Poor Kids,” which aired on November 30, 2017 by Frontline and my heart is literally breaking.  This particular episode profiles children and all the issues they face as they tread the volatile waters of poverty.  They discuss hunger, the need for school lunch programs, food stamps, having to move into motels, giving away beloved pets, peer pressure and not being able to fit – in because their families are poor.  According to Frontline, “roughly one in five, were living in poverty in 2011, according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s official poverty measure.”  And, “nearly half of kids with a single mom live in poverty.”  The questions in my mind are circling and despite how hard this particular episode is to hear, it is necessary.  Necessary for us as a nation to try and understand how this happens, how to help those struggling the most break free from the confines of poverty and what we can do as individuals to help those in need. I’ll be the first to admit I don’t have the answers, I don’t know how this issue will or can end, but it is terribly sad and there has to be a better way.  There has to be…

Outside Podcast – This podcast offers a wide array of options for its listeners. Anything from survival skills to sports and nutrition advice to their latest series, which I happen to love and greatly appreciate, the XX Factor.  The XX Factor tells stories about women, is produced and edited by women, something we need to hear more about, so, I am a big fan.  To dive into the latest on what Outside Podcast has to offer, check out a couple of my favorite episodes. Laird Hamilton and Gabby Reece, a fitness power couple, stopping at nothing to defy age.  And, a fabulous piece entitled, 1200 Miles on Blood Road profiling super human, incredible athlete and human, Rebecca Rusch and her journey to discover who her father was and more details on his untimely death on the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Vietnam.

Wild Ideas Worth Living – The word awesome immediately comes to mind when I recommend this podcast.  This podcast, hosted by the enthusiastic, totally rad, Shelby Stanger, inserts her laid back, California style as she explores the notion of people pursuing some pretty incredible ideas, dreams, and turning those notions into reality.  Not only will this podcast inspire, it might just ignite in you a fire to shake up your normal routine or life and finally put that dream of yours into action.  My favorite episode thus far, due to the joyful and inspiring nature, is episode 06 with Alison Teal.  Playful, rich in spirit and showcasing one woman’s attempt to slowly, but surely impact the world, this episode is worth a good listen.  Plus, I adore the way Alison’s parents raised her; completely unconventional, yet with such great impact.

Oh, and a pretty rad discovery through this podcast is The November Project.  No money for the gym, lack of inspiration for the next workout don’t worry, the solution is here.  The November Project, free, inspirational and incredible!

Kind World – In a world that focuses on the negative and we often forget the kindness of the human spirit, this podcast to truly a heart warming experience.  It is not possible to listen without renewing your faith in humanity, so listen long, listen hard and be inspired to spread the kindness.  Caution, have a box of Kleenex close by, you will need it!  I commend those who work to cultivate these stories, publish these words and bring light to contagious beauty.  Thank you and know how timely this podcast is, especially today.

She Explores – Whew…I just came back from the gym and it is safe to say I am hooked!  She Explores, founded by Gale Straub is an inspiration to women all over the world who enjoy spending time outside, or as their podcast site states, “A website for inquisitive women in the outdoors, on the road and besides.”  The first episode I listened to aired on July 14 and was entitled, “Being Here.”  The key message I took away from the podcast is that ALL women not only benefit from spending quality time in nature, but we actually thrive outside.  By being outside we no longer feel the confines of fitting into a box that has been created for us, rather we break free of those unhealthy restraints. Thank you for creating such a gem – I am smitten!  One more word, the images on their site make me drool!

One more note, as I continue to listen to She Explores, I dive deep into some new favorites.  Having just returned from the gym, I am happy to add another favorite to the mix and that is episode 14:  “The Women of Wylder.”  A beautifully crafted episode, with true heart, shedding some light into the lives and business of some kick – ass women, who all made me feel that the future, our future, really is in the hands of women.  What a lovely change!  Check it out:  “The Women of Wylder.

The Tim Ferris Show – Alright, I am a total sucker for people who are high achieving, hard working, and above all, go getters, plus it might just be possible that I have an intellectual crush on him (no worries, Robert is fully aware).  Tim Ferris is one such person, no surprise he has a cult following.  I have been listening to his podcast lately and it has got me fired up.  Interested in lighting your grill, here are a few episodes to get you started.  His interview with Amelia Boone is sweet, despite my desire to offer her some serious nutrition advice, this is one tough cookie.  His interview with Kelly Starrett on the world of CrossFit is well done and provides some insight into the sometime elusive world of CrossFit.  I am also in the process of listening to Caroline Paul discuss her take on fear and anxiety.  Have a listen.

Death, Sex & Money – I adore the host of this podcast, Anna Sale. She has such a knack for asking hard questions, while being completely human and compassionate. She knows when to push for more, and when to back away; what a remarkable gift!  The podcast covers those topics that are hard to discuss, yet are critical components to every day life. Death, Sex and Money is such an important podcast for so many reasons, and still one of my ultimate favorites!  Death, Sex & Money

FREAKONOMICS Radio – This is a thought provoking, intelligent and highly entertaining podcast.  With a super team, smart topics and engaging discussions, this is a podcast not to be missed.  Need a bit of a nudge to get hooked, try the latest episode featuring Trevor Noah.  Whew…what a fabulous listen!  Freakonomics Radio – Trevor Noah.

TED Radio Hour – What can I say, Guy Raz is endearing. With a quirky, yet charismatic radio voice, he, much like Anna Sale, has a true gift for interviewing and relaying very important information to his audience. By selecting a topic and building on the idea, this podcast pulls from previously recorded TEDTalks, but adds in much more commentary from Guy. This podcast is ideal for those that hope to expand their horizons, learn some interesting facts and make fascinating discoveries.  TED Radio Hour

TEDTalks – Learning never goes out of style, so whenever I get itchy to expand my mind, I will choose a topic for a TEDTalk and have a good listen. From education, to health, to positive inspiration, TEDTalks are inspirational and mind blowing!

Modern Love – Modern Love created by the New York Times, was for years column on, you guessed it, love. Modern Love remains a New York Times column, but is now also a deliciously sweet podcast. Yes, the podcast is devoted exclusively to love, but not necessarily in the conventional way many may think. Stories take readers through trials and tribulations of the heart, weaving us through the most heart wrenching journeys. If you are a romantic at heart, you will devour this podcast. Oh, and each story is read by a famous actor, making the listening that much more enjoyable. Hosted by Meghna Chakrabarti, this is an excellent listen.  Modern Love

Sounds of the Trail – Quite possibly the ultimate way to escape, this podcast follows thru – hikers as they complete hundreds, if not thousands, of miles on the trail. Some hikers are completing the Appalachian Trail, the Pacific Coast Trail, the John Muir Trail, for the very first time, while others are returning for more. Each hiker has his or her own journey, unique story and reason for taking weeks, months and/or years out of their normal lives to embark on a true, life-altering journey. Worth a listen, but we warned, you might just want to ditch your 9 – 5 and get out there! Sounds of the Trail

The Minimalists – Hosted by “The Minimalists,” Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, this podcast talks about getting rid of all the stuff so individuals can focus what really matters in life. I commend The Minimalists for encouraging the world to look at their consumption patterns and focusing more on how we spend our time, our money and ultimately, our lives. We need more attention on our buying habits, which Ryan and Joshua do so well.  The Minimalists

The Longest Shortest Time – Is a well-crafted podcast that deals with all things relating to parenthood. From serious conversations on conception, pregnancy and birth, to issues partners face once children enter their lives, this podcast is perfect for new parents. Forget feeling alone as a new or seasoned parent, for this podcast will open your eyes to all we as parents truly endure.  The Longest Shortest Time

Wellness Mama- I have nothing but admiration for this mother of six. Kate, the host of Wellness Mama, is on a mission to raise not only her children, but also the children of the future in a healthy, thoughtful way. With tips on consuming whole foods, getting outside more and natural methods and products for nearly everything, this is a podcast for moms on a mission. Wellness Mama

All podcasts are available for free on iTunes.  Coming in the near future, great podcasts for children.

Some of my favorite episodes in no particular order:

Wild Ideas Worth Living Episode 06 – Alison Teal

The Longest Shortest Time Episode 79 Terry Gross on Not Having Kids  Terry Gross

Death, Sex & Money October 22, 2014  Ellen Burstyn’s Lessons on Survival Ellen Burstyn

The Minimalists Podcast 017 Health Health

Wellness Mama Podcast Episode 3 The Oral Health Episode Oral Health

Ted Radio Hour Champions Champions

Sounds of the Trail Episode 06 Thur – Hiking Will Ruin Your Life Thru Hiking


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