On a clear day head to the Arth-Goldau RB train station, exit at the Rigi Wölfertschen-First station (there are bathrooms located at the start of the hike) and head out on the beautifully well-paved, Panoramaweg trail.  Pack plenty of water, sturdy hiking shoes and snacks for the journey and your camera to capture the breathtaking views of the Swiss Alps, the Vierwalderstätter (Lake Luzern) and Zugersee Lake.

2016-05-21-Rigi_40This trail is ideal for families, as the route is stroller friendly and parents will enjoy the incredible views. About 20 minutes into the walk you will see a flower trail that offers commanding views of the lake. Right before this trail, there are two restaurants that serve fresh meals and coffee. If you elect to veer off the Panoramaweg to experience the flowers and the stunning views of Vierwaldstätter do not worry, this route will re-connect you with the original path.

2016-05-21-Rigi_28jpg We elected to turn around about half way throughout the hike and return via Rigi Kulm taking the train down the mountain, hopping on the boat in Vitznau and back on the train in Luzern to make our trip back to Basel.


This hike is ideal for the following:

Families with strollers

Those who enjoy stunning views

Nature lovers

Active visitors who want to see the best of Switzerland

A full day adventure from the Basel area

2016-05-21-Rigi_37jpg This was a full day trek, but certainly worth the journey. It is also a lovely hike to take active visitors who long to see remarkable views of the Swiss Alps.  Be sure to pack plenty of water, snacks, sunglasses, hats, sunscreen, First Aid Kit and jackets just in case.  For more detailed information on this hike please visit: Wanderland Schweiz.  Oh, and thank you to my sweet friend for the wonderful suggestion!



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