Whew…we just returned from a whirlwind trip to America.

We seemed to cram as much as humanly possible into those three weeks.

We worked hard and played hard. We visited museums, gathered with dear friends, were embraced by family, restored bonds, took in our Nation’s Capital, hiked, visited the beach a couple of times, observed organic farms doing what they do best, ate loads of ice cream, visited national parks, and cried for the state of our country.



We did our best to return with hope in our hearts, and optimism for our country in our minds.  We also felt a sense of not quite knowing where we belong in this world. Feet straddling two very different countries and hearts feeling slightly unsettled, the conversations that have ensued since our return have been lengthy and intense.



Overall, it was a trip that filled our hearts with tremendous joy, feeling blessed to have friends and family that make our lives rich with love and promise.


It was a trip that made us contemplate our future and the struggles that may involve, but mostly it was a journey that we needed to remind us the happiness that fills us when we are surrounded by people we know and share a deep history with, family we love and friends that hold such dear, dear places in our hearts and lives.


Thank you to everyone!


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