The weekend is upon us, not sure what to do, or where to go?  Last weekend we found ourselves in Faulensee to enjoy the gorgeous, relaxed stroll along the lake to Spiez because when the weather is good, we must, must get outside!  Nothing too strenuous, nothing to challenging, but a great way to ease back into Swiss life after our three week absence from this country.  We were so happy with this destination because of the beautifully shaded trail with stunning views that the entire family enjoyed. Welcome back to Switzerland!

If you are interested in this walk from Basel, the train takes just 1:40 minutes.   Enjoy the beauty of Lake Thun, the facilities along the route and the ease of this walk. This is also an ideal stroll for visitors, as the walk offers big views without having to go too far, or hike too much!


How to Get There: Take the train to Faulensee (stopping is Spiez first and making the quick connection), which is a one – minute train ride after Spiez. Exist the train and follow the yellow trail sign for “Standweg.”  The first set of yellow trail markers is on the left once you exit the train. The trail is stroller friendly, except for the few stairs you will need to walk down from the station in Faulensee.


Once on the trail, there are bathrooms along the way (one right at the start of the walk in Faulensee), a playground with a tremendous view in the beginning of the walk, a fish farm, and several areas for the entire family to enter the lake (bring your suits, water shoes and a towel). Pack a picnic lunch, or plan to grill and make an entire day of the route. Once you come to the pristine town of Spiez, there is another playground for the children to play and bathroom facilities. Plan to walk up to the castle, which offers commanding views of Lake Thun.

2016-08-07-Spiez_137jpg Details:

The walk is roughly 2.5 km

Without stopping the walk should take 30 to 45 minutes, but plan to relax making plenty of stops along the way.

The walk just celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2014.

Website: http://www.myswissalps.com/hiking/faulensee-spiez/route




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