We are fortunate this weekend to have a positive weather prognosis, so the best thing to do is get out there. If you are a UBS cardholder, for just 10 francs, you can climb to the top of 35 peaks in Switzerland by simply showing your card at the time of ticket purchase. Be sure to check out UBS’ website before heading out, however, as some destinations require ticket purchase in advance. What a deal!

2016-08-27-pilat_094jpg A few weekends ago, we decided to take advantage of this awesome deal, purchased our tickets online and made our way for the first time ever up to Pilatus. We enjoyed short lines and the scenic ride up on the “world’s steepest cog railway.”

2016-08-27-pilat_226_Once at the top we decided to climb several of the peaks for move commanding views of the lake and the spectacular mountains. There is something about seeing the layering of the mountains that captivates me every time – it is one of my absolute favorite aspects of Switzerland!  We also ventured through the Dragon’s Tunnel, enjoying stories and tales about the dragons that once inhabited Pilatus. After indulging in a self-brought picnic lunch, we made our way down the back of the mountain via gondola, being sure to stop at the awesome playground PILU-Land.

2016-08-27-pilat_092Though Pilatus is quite touristy, we enjoyed our visit immensely, especially since the day was clear and the views were remarkable.

2016-08-27-pilat_165 Tips:

Save some cash and pack your lunch – it just tastes better when you don’t have to spend loads of cash on grub!

2016-08-27-pilat_235jpgIf you are going on the UBS offer to Pilatus, purchase your CHF 10 tickets in advance.

2016-08-27-pilat_207Hit the playground on the downside to get out that last bit of energy before you sit on the train for a couple of hours.


2016-08-27-pilat_152Pack an extra layer of warmth in the event it is cold on top!

Here’s to a great weekend!



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