Sometimes spontaneous ideas are the best ideas!


Sometimes you need the warmth of the sun on your face and the wind at your back.


Sometimes you need views that spread right before you, blue, green, turquoise – are all just perfectly captivating.


Sometimes you long to feel the cold water trickle down your back and retreat “home” to watch that pink sun set over a dry, barren landscape.


Sometimes you want nothing more than to watch your children laugh endlessly under a warm, Mallorcan sun and collapse into bed at night exhausted from their adventures.


Sometimes you long to drive crazy, new passes, holding your breath as you just slide past bicyclists and buses only to be greeted by a stunning, hidden beach just waiting for you on the other side.


Sometimes your smile is contagious as you share the warm glow of a Thanksgiving meal surrounded by friends new and old.


Sometimes seeing new towns with an ice cream in hand is the perfect way to spend a day.


Sometimes while driving, it is the magic of watching double rainbows paint the sky that fill you with the true essence of what this life is truly about!


And sometimes you are so overcome with joy that you find it hard to put into words.



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