From the Berghotel Wildstrubel, on the edge of Gemmipass, hike westerly along the pass in the direction of Lämmerenhütte (SAC). The trail, a T2 mountain trail, will decline towards the start of the descent to Laukerbad (the strenuous part of Gemmipass) but will continue towards a flat valley once the trails crosses through an old military bunker via a narrow tunnel. From there, the trail follows the edge of a riverbed along talus slopes jetting upwards towards the Daubenhorn on your left. Across the flat expanse, the riverbed resembles the lunar surface more than a grey granite alpine valley. This area is nearly void of vegetation except for small flowing plants and lichen, and despite the uniqueness, there is beauty in its simplicity. The trail splits, to the left and upwards to the Daubenhorn summit, or continues straight in the direction of Lämmerenhütte. All around you are peaks, glaciers, and the riverbed. Near the back of the valley, the trail crosses a bridge taking you to the other side of the river giving you another fork which leads to Lämmerensee. We hiked this area at the beginning of September, and the Lämmerenhütte had already closed for the season. Out to the lake and back to the Berghotel Wildstrubel is about 2 hours.

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