Women Who Hike is an inspired group of women all gathering with one common goal – to get outside!  We hike in and around Basel Land and together we have a great time, share stories, overcome obstacles and are inspired by nature.

Why? I created this group after seeing first hand the healing benefits of nature. Nothing lifts my mood better than spending quality time outdoors with some awesome ladies!


Are you interested?  Great, here’s what you need to do.

Step 1:  Wake, up, show up and meet us for the hike.

When?  If you are interested, email me at:melschoutens@gmail.com and I’ll happily email you our next hiking route.

What?  Please weather appropriate clothing and good shoes for hiking.

Bring:  Water, snacks, and your smile!  Oh, and feel free to bring a friend, or several for that matter.  The more, the merrier.

Don’t Bring:  We all love children, but please leave yours at home because sometimes Mamas need to feel like people too!  Friendly dogs, now that’s OK!


Word of caution!

I love weather, well, most kinds of weather, but hiking in the rain and cold simply isn’t that much fun.  So if it is raining on the morning of the hike, stay in your pajamas, pour another cup of coffee and relax!

Have fun and hike on!



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