The “Into the Alps” photo series are snapshots from various trips we have taken in the Alps. Although the photos are primarily in black and white, they aim to show the natural beauty of the Alps in areas which may be of interest to others. We hope you enjoy this series and that you follow us to be a part of the updates.

This photo was taken from Berghaus Schäfler with Säntis in the background (with the spire).  In the foreground is Altenalptürm, an  outcropping menace of limestone looming over an equally impressive trail (not for those with vertigo) which leads to Säntis.



2 thoughts on “In the Alps #3

  1. Lovely photo. I’ve stayed at the Schäfler hut and walked the ridge to Säntis a couple of times. Thanks for bringing back those great memories for me!

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