We’ve had two days of consecutive sunshine; the penetrating warmth we have missed for months now. The sky has been an incredible hue of blue and we linger each night under a starry, denim blue heaven anticipating what the next day will bring.


The signs of spring are among us and with each observation of green emerging from a once frozen earth, the sound of birds chirping in the distance and tiny buds appearing on once dormant trees, we are reminded of what is yet to come.


We can hardly contain ourselves with the thought of breaking free of the full-length winter coats, shed the gloves and hats, push aside the blankets and get outside. “Come, it whispers, come and walk my fields, dance in my meadows, push yourself up my mountains.”  We must heed the calling.


We have set some pretty lofty goals this year for our family and ourselves. One of our goals is to hike as much as humanly possible with our two little ones at our sides, track those walks and calculate how many kilometers we are covering.  An experiment of sorts and an educational experience for all.   So far, we are off to a slow start. But now, with that bit of sun reminding us that in the days and months to come the earth will take on a green glow, we are slowing ramping up our kilometers and getting ready. Our first mountain stay has been booked, and we plan to dust off the hiking poles, pack our sacks and make our way back on the trail this weekend.


The simple pleasure of stepping into nature after a long winter is intoxicating. The thought of discovering what has been hiding among the dark earth and feeling alive again are just within our grasp and you’d better believe we are going to take it!



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