The weather is undoubtedly gorgeous this time of year. Step one foot out your front door, look around and it will hit you – spring,  that gorgeous, floral, awakening that arrives each year has fully delivered.  Longer light hours means more time to play, frolic and explore and Switzerland is the perfect place to come alive again after a long winter slumber.


To get you motivated, we have created a quick list for a bit of inspiration.

Hike – In our humble opinion, there is no better way to enjoy the great outdoors than with a good hike. Whether you are ultra ambitious or simply feel like a little stroll, Switzerland is the place to feast your eyes on incredible scenery and get your feet on the trails.  Lace up your boots and go with or without children!


If you happen to own a TNW U-ABO, have a quick glance at the map and take advantage of the routes and destinations that ticket allows you to travel. We just enjoyed a fabulous hike through Frick and plan to explore other regions on the map in the near future.

For more hiking ideas, please see our previous spring hike series: One, Two & Three!

Day Trips – The glory of the day trip is the ability to retreat back to your space and sleep in your own bed after a full day of being away.  Plan for a trek no more than 2 hours in one direction for optimal pleasure!


Plan the night before with train schedules, and bus connections, pack your day-pack, bring a picnic and enjoy the views.


A few day treks we love include: Spiez, Biel, the Luzern area (Rigi, Stanserhorn, Pilatus) and Neuchatel.

The Merian Gärtens in Basel are rich with colors this time of the year, not to mention, lambs, baby chicks and bunnies.  Make your way to the gardens in early May to witness the wonder of the Iris Gardens in full bloom. You will be grateful for the experience and don’t forget to stop for a coffee at the beautiful outdoor cafe!


The Monet Exhibit at the Beyeler Foundation – The grounds alone at the Foundation Beyeler are as impressive as the art inside, but those looking for a genuine experience from Claude Monet will thoroughly enjoy the current collection. The exhibit will take place until May 28, 2017 and is certainly worth the steep ticket cost for entry. Purchase the audio guide to gain additional insight on select paintings and to make your visit that much more informative.


Birsköpfli – Situated along the Rhine, this area of Basel offers a true holiday feel.  With people grilling on the grass, games of soccer lurking in the background, swimmers enjoying the river, a nice playground, and the island, which is currently home to the World of Dinosaurs (think huge, life sized dinosaurs, a small play area and nice views). This location offers hours of enjoyment for the entire family.  On a nice day, pack a picnic, grab the family and enjoy this beach life atmosphere in Basel.



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