Last month we celebrated an entire decade of residing in Switzerland.  Ten years is a grand collection of time. The minutes, the hours, the days all eventually spun themselves into ten incredible, life-altering years that have become our very existence.


With those passing years we did our best to embrace the unknown, rooted ourselves in our past, and now, look forward to a promising future.


In ten years we have…

Caressed careers and quietly walked away.

We have settled in without ever feeling fully grounded.

We have birthed two children without the comfort of family and friends close by.

We now fully comprehend the quote, “Successful people take big risks knowing that they might fall hard.  But they might succeed more than they ever dreamed.”  – Unknown

2014-08-13 - Iceland 242

Held hands as a couple, fell into one another and pushed through the uncertain times, of which there were many.

Overcame obstacles we didn’t know even existed.

We’re never certain if we got it “right,” but boy can we say we tried and are trying.

Gained perspective in a whole new way and know how powerful that has been in shaping who we are, and who we aspire to become.

Felt grateful beyond belief and never took nor do we ever take this opportunity for granted…never!


Quietly observed from afar the makings, and unraveling of our own country often times shaking our heads in utter disbelief.  We had/have hope in our hearts that American’s will stick together and be kind to one another!

Witnessed a new way of living, one that offers a living wage, quality of life, and a high standard of living.  Thank you!

Longed for a past that was familiar and a future that was certain…don’t we all!

Waved good – bye to family and dear friends and we have come to the realization that it will never be easy or ever get easier. Sigh.

Felt ever so humbled by the German language and still do.


Smiled whole – heartedly when we heard and hear our children toggle through conversations in both English and German.

Embraced a very simple life free from the burden of debt.

Witnessed beauty beyond our wildest comprehension.

Are creating a family based on values, gratitude and forgiveness.


Felt that raw pang of isolation, disappointment and reconciliation that only those close to us can understand.

Wondered if this journey would continue and how it will unravel should we ever have to return back home.

Thought endlessly how my father would have interpreted this life we have chosen to live and wished that he could have witnessed this life we have created and the children we have made.


Grateful for our children’s education in a foreign country and their ability to learn languages.

Blessed that our minds have been altered, our thinking enhanced and our beliefs tested because living abroad is an education that teaches you something new each and everyday!

Happily relied on public transportation and decided to go car free for our entire ten years. That feels like a victory in itself!


Felt the power of saying yes, despite having no idea what that yes would entail.

It may not have been easy to walk away from a life of stability and comfort, but “The greater the challenge, the bigger the opportunity,” couldn’t be more accurate of a statement!

Looking forward to where the next ten may lead us and blessed to share this journey with my partner in life and our two amazing children!


And remember…”The most dangerous risk of all – The risk of spending your life not doing what you want on the bet you can buy yourself freedom to do it later.” – Randy Komisar


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