One of the best aspects of Swiss life are the mountain houses.  Perched on mountain tops, full of rustic charm and farm flair, these mountain beauties exemplify hard work, and a honest way to make a living.  The cozy interiors, the fluffy comforters and the delicious meals all make these ideal places to retreat for a night or a few days.


Hotel Waldrand is no exception to any of the above.  Upon arriving (after a long journey from Kiental Dorf), we quickly removed our boots and felt as though we could finally relax.  We pulled up a seat on the outdoor patio, ordered some drinks and snacks and eased into a quiet afternoon.  The children played with the innkeepers kids, while the adults spoke with little interruption.  As night feel, we made our way to the dining room, where under the soft glow of candlelight, we enjoyed an impressive, three – course meal.


With bellies full and children utterly shattered, we made our way to our attic room.  Perfect for our family of four, we snuggled under the eaves, watched the night sky from our windows and feel into a deep slumber.


Just as nature intended – simple, sweet and peaceful.  Swiss mountain hotels may not always be easy to get to, but boy are they worth the trek!


Hotel Waldrand

Pochtenalp – Kiental



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