Reading a good book is such a joy, especially when you have enthusiastic learners at your side. After a recent visit to the library, we were thrilled with our selection of books and read each and every one over dinner. All beautifully illustrated, clever and smart, my children ages seven and four, thoroughly enjoyed each of the books listed below. As a mother, I beamed with excitement over the lessons taught, the question raised and the dialogue sparked by each of the books.

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On a side note, if you are not currently a member of the GGG libraries, consider joining. School aged children receive a library card free of charge and are able to check – out ten books at a time. By having their own library card, children are personally engaged in the selection process and learn responsibility for the books they borrow.


There are several library locations, but the new library downtown is a true haven for small children. With a vast selection of books, including an English section, games, and audio books, it will be hard for children to limit their book selection to just ten! Plus, what could be better than getting a good book for a nice afternoon at the pool or the beach?   GGG:

How Heavy? and How Tall? by Mark Weakland, Illustrated by Bolton

How Heavy? and How Tall? by Mark Weakland, Illustrated by Bolton are creatively presented books that visually show how big two things are in comparison to one another. Each page provides a short comparison followed – up by the exact measurement of the two objects at the bottom of each page. Measurements are offered in feet and in centimeters/meters, so no conversions are necessary.


My children were enthralled by these books often shouting out engaging phrases such as, “No way, it would take 2,765 elephants to reach Mount Everest?” Of course, the books spark great conversation that provide able opportunities to teach.

The Baby Tree by Sophie Blackall

A beautifully illustrated book that provides an honest account of where babies come from without making parents blush. The back of the book goes on to provide expert advice for parents and lists a question and answertext for those that struggle with age appropriate, age – appropriate responses. Whew, this sweet book was a true breath of fresh air.


POP! The Invention of Bubble Gum by Meghan McCarthy

POP! The Invention of Bubble Gum is an incredibly interesting book that dives into the history of bubble gum. Providing historical information, personal information on the inventor himself and and fun facts about gum. It is safe to say, my children are engaged from the first page. The book concludes with more detailed information on gum, providing the most curious minds with answers to their most pressing questions.

Meghan McCarthy has written several books that are witty, entertaining and educational including: Earmuffs for Everyone, Seabiscuit and Astronaut Handbook.

 The Art Book for Children – Phaidon

The Art Book for Children is the ideal book for teaching children about famous works of art. Each section of the book profiles a famous artists, provides examples of his or her work and guides children through the painting, sculptures or photographs.   Often times the page includes discussions which ask questions of the children, depicts shapes, colors, and points out intricacies of the work that some individuals might pass over. This is the perfect introductory book for children who long to learn more about art, and as an adult, you might just learn a thing or two as well.


Brain Quest Workbooks by Lisa Trumbauer

As native English speakers, electing to enroll their children in local schools, workbooks are a big part of our home learning program. When a friend recently gifted the Brain Quest Workbook Grade 1 to our son, I think I was happier with the present than he was.

The books are broken down into sections, which include: Phonics, Spelling, Vocabulary, Language Arts, Reading, Writing, Sequencing and Sorting, Math Skills, Addition and Subtraction, Shapes and Money (the books are created in the United States, so be aware that the money is in US Dollars), Social Studies, and Science. We typically pick a page or two in several sections at a time and give him the workbook while dinner is cooking or during mealtime. The books are a great way to review and learn new skills, all the while boosting his self – confidence and for us, we are thrilled that he is learning to read and write in his mother tongue.


These workbooks are available at


Oh, and one more thing, books make wonderful gifts. I always relish in the joy of receiving a book as birthday or holiday gifts for my children. Unlike toys, they are timeless pieces that I hope to pass on to my children one day in hopes of continuing the gift of reading.

Have a wonderful summer!



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