2017-07-02-Swdal_385Tucked away in the Rosenlaui Valley, sits the friendly and welcoming Schwarzwaldalp Chalet and Hotel. With exceptional service and amazing views, the Chalet is the gateway to some remarkable hiking, the Rosenlaui Gorge and Rosenlaui Glacier.


Whether it is a slow and steady trek to a quiet bench, or a longer hike that opens up to glacier views, this is the perfect little retreat to clear your head and remind yourself that life can and should be simple.  All one needs is a bit of fresh air, stunning views, a place to place your head each night and incredible people to share the experience with.  Ahh…it always comes back to the basics.


Schwarzwaldalp is a perfectly child-friendly destination.  With a playground situated in the front of the hotel and a staff that is happy to accommodate children during meal time, the location was perfect.  The hikes in the area were also entertaining for the children, especially the walk through the Rosenlaui Gorge.  Enjoy!


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