After ten years, those mountains still take our breath away. They remind us how time is fleeting, how seasons change, and how wild and magnificent this life is.  Those reminders are never wasted on us.

They encourage us to explore and to see the world through a lens of wonder.


They teach us that nothing lasts forever and therefore, it is our duty to cease the moment, capture the beauty and share each experience with our children and we are happy to oblige.


They remind us that the way in which we live will have a traumatic impact on their world, causing glaciers to retreat, trash to accumulate and temperatures to shift.  It is heart-wrenching to witness.


Those mountains wrap their arms around us, instill a sense of calm, embracing us as strangers and encouraging us to stay a bit longer.


They remind us how good it feels to spend the majority of the day under the bask of the sun, the glow of the snow and the sweetness of thin, pure air.


They remind us what an incredible feeling it is to hike up her inclines, descend down her hills and work for our views.  For in her realm, hard work is rewarded with unimaginable sights and landscapes that fill us with gratitude.


The mountains make us earn our meals and appreciate a night of peaceful slumber.

2007-06-29 - Villars - 031

Those mountains remind us that life should be simple and that a simple life is what we should strive for.


Those mountains cause a sense of melancholy to wash over us each time we leave and return home to city life.


Those mountains are great teachers, rich with wisdom and we are eager to absorb the knowledge.


Those mountains I tell you, have healed, taught, humbled, and awakened us in ways we never knew were possible and for that, we will continue to make our visits a top priority.


(This post was added to the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Satisfaction)

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