Why do we travel? Why do you travel? To see something different? To feel your own sense of discovery? Traveling often reveals hidden gems, in this case, Minard Castle hidden along the coastline near Dingle, Ireland.


This post is part of the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Weathered

3 thoughts on “Weathered

  1. My travels have stemmed from curiosity. The adrenaline rush of exploring a new place is the initial rush, but it is the how I remember experiences, that stir the travel cravings.. The greens are greener, the tastes and smells evoke memories. I listen more careful to my surrounds to recall them. Love to travel.

    1. That is a great explanation of why to travel Kelly. We too, love the excitement of a new place, of learning more about the location, the people and the culture. We love to see new landscapes and witness different aspects of beautiful places. Travel teaches us so much not only about the new location, but about ourselves as well. Thank you for your comment and have a lovely Sunday!

      1. Yes, travel has expanded my world, taught me so much about other lifestyles, that I am far more emphatic to other cultures. and I am deeply grateful for all I have and how lucky I am to be Canadian.
        The down side of it is, when I meet people that don’t travel and are judgmental of other cultures and hardships, , I have very little tolerance for them and the small world they live in.
        Surrounding myself with like minded people is the cure.

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