It is cold and the sun is less than shining, but that is still no excuse not to get out there.  Hiking is an amazing activity because it is possible to do year round, so lace up those boots, grab the hat, scarf and gloves and get going!


Here are a few tips for hiking in the winter that will keep you warm and happy on the trails!

  1.  Wear long undies, base layers, whatever you want to call them, but slap them on under your normal hiking clothes.
  2. Dress in layers and depending on the temperature, the more the better.  Keep in mind, you can always shed layers, but if you don’t have them with you, you cannot add them.
  3. Always have hats, gloves, and scarves for each member of your crew.  These items provide warmth and pack down easily.
  4. Pack hot chocolate or hot tea, which is a fabulous and nice way to warm up on the trail.
  5. Consider going less the distance.  If the weather is ultra cold, you don’t have to go super long to get the benefits of fresh air, exercise and movement.  Cut the distance and still reap the benefits, but get outside!
  6. Socks and shoes – this is key.  Invest in warm, good hiking socks and wear shoes that are equipped to insulate those feet.
  7. Have fun and get out there!



8 thoughts on “Winter Hiking Tips

  1. Didn’t see skis on your list. Here where I live (Northern Finland) you never go winter hiking without skis. Well, snowshoes are an option, too, but not so typical a choice. Guess it depends on the amount of snow… there’s about one meter of the beautiful white stuff here, and it is not hard-packed. So, really long skis is the method.

    But yes, I agree on layers, and keeping feet and fingers and head warm. And about going out and having fun!

    1. I love your suggestion to bring skis, however, we are not skiers and do not even own any! Ha…and we live in Switzerland, I know! We do have snowshoes and that is a great suggestion. Thanks for stopping by and have a great winter!

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