Can it be that one place, so clearly defines for us, a singular location or meaning that there really is no other? I fear not, but question what is ones interpretation of favorite? What do you mean by place? I have, as I’m sure others do, a collection of favorites each for a different reason: solitude, jaw dropping views, quite, fun, sunset, obscure, creative travel, awesome, fascinating, charitable, etc.

And the other; place… although possible to equate this to a singular GPS datum, perhaps ones “place” is grander than that, a special street, a restaurant, a hike, a cultural experience, a trip with friends, or an entire country! If this is possible, than why not? Here is to our favorite place, Switzerland, for offering us so much for such a small place…

This post is part of the Daily Posts Weekly Photo Challenge: Favorite Place

13 thoughts on “Favorite Place

  1. Living since 50 years in Switzerland as an ex Brit I can only agree. Just one thing perhaps, the photo of the Tremelo road over the Gotthard does not leave such good memories. Before they built the motorway we had to “do it” for holidays in Lugano and Lucarno, and all those curves were a little nerve wrecking to say the least. 🙂

  2. Your photos are beautiful and its no surprise at all that Switzerland is your favourite place. We have visited a few times and loved it but need to get back and see more. Perhaps a housesit or two in is order now.

  3. Jonno, great idea…house sitting is a fabulous way to visit places. Yep, Switzerland certainly is a stunning place. Hard to take a bad picture in this place! Enjoy and keep on traveling!

    1. You must visit! Switzerland is gorgeous and if you are a nature lover, you will relish in all the possibilities! Thank you for your comment and we hope you make your travel wish list come true!

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