2014-08-03 - Iceland 224es

Have you ever had a holiday or a trip that lives in your memory as perfect?  Everything about that experience evokes rich, vivid memories filling you with raw satisfaction.


Whether it was a honeymoon destination that seemed to stretch on romantically for  days, as you and your husband embraced the newness of your commitment, the dinner conversations that lingered as the sun slowly made its disappearance between two mountains or the expedition that marked a genuine dream come true, and forever altered the way in which you view the world.  From black sand beaches, to mystified landscapes, each time you recollect those locations there is that gravitational pull that tempts you to return, to engulf yourself in those landscapes, the culture, the people once again, but you catch yourself.  You wonder if part of what makes that or those locations so flawless is because they live in your mind that way; you someone created the perfect based on situation, out of necessity to escape, the people who shared your time, the deep sensory experiences, and/or the profound emotions that were felt?  Was it that the location was merely a backdrop for what you needed at the time and all the other factors were what really heightened the experience making it utterly magical?

2014-08-08 - Iceland 573

And is it ever possible to replicate perfection?  If you were to return would you only be riddled with disappointment?  Would the impeccable memories that have been created and harvested all those years somehow be tarnished?

2014-08-11 - Iceland 559

What is your experience with returning to your favorite location?  Was the return visit as incredible as the first, a disappointment or simply different? We would love to hear from you!

What are your “perfect” places.  For us, not much tops Switzerland, but Iceland is quite impressive too!

P.S.  We just returned to a location we loved the first time and guess what, it was just as awesome the second time!



2 thoughts on “Unable to Replicate Perfect

  1. That can certainly happen (that you return and it’s a disappointment), but my experience generally has been that while it may not always be perfect, it’s simply good/great in a different way. I’ve been going to the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming since college, many years ago, and when I got married our family has gone there almost every year. We always love it, although some visits are better than others. I’ve visited relatives in France many times and always enjoyed it, often in very different ways.

    In some ways, the most perfect trip I ever had was spending almost a year in Europe between my junior and senior years in college, backpacking and exploring. What an incredible experience that was! It can certainly never be replicated.


    1. Dear Janet, Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. Your treks in the mountains of Wyoming sound magical, as does your journey through Europe during your college days. I do think our frame of mind, and those we travel with all have an impact on our travel experiences. It certainly sounds as though you have some hefty travel memories to draw from! Good for you!

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