I feel blessed to have a lot of very special people in my life. I also consider myself pretty damn lucky to call another country my home, but one aspect of this life abroad that is so very hard, is living thousands of miles away from one of my favorite people.

It has been a tough road not living next to my very best friend for most of this life, but we have managed through our excruciating distance to remain close.   I texted my best friend today and asked if she wanted to come this weekend for a sleepover (an invitation that would be incredible if only we could make that a reality) because sometimes a gal just needs her best-best to:

take a walk around the neighborhood with and let time melt away

revert to our 12-year old selves

laugh over jokes that no one else understands

talk about EVERYTHING

share some wine with

dream our deepest dreams with one another

discuss how hard it is to parent and wonder if we are getting it right

enjoy a decadent dinner in a restaurant that requires us to be ever so fancy

sleep in the same bed because we can’t stand feeling too far apart

smile at the childhoods we shared together because let’s be honest, our childhoods were incredible. Pool, tennis, travel, adventures, overnights, repeat.

wonder where the next 10 years will lead us

talk about the harshness of life

discuss the exquisite sweetness of life

ponder what it would be like if we were indeed neighbors

never once think of our upcoming good-bye

know that this friendship we have created will be everlasting





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