Life is both a tangle of beautiful, heart-warming moments and events that leave you speechless. As we move into this new decade of our lives, it is more evident than ever that we are at a mid-way point. Our 20’s (despite my constant joking that I will forever be 28), are filled with gorgeous memories of people, profound events, life altering moments, filled with those who left their gifts and prints deeply entrenched on our hearts.

We are currently at the middle point in our parenting journey. Our children’s tiny hands are becoming larger, as are their roles and their responsibilities. We are no longer cradling tiny souls in the crux of our arms, rather releasing our most precious gifts into the world. Be kind world, be kind.


We are at a point in our marriage when we have comfortably fallen into our loving rhythm of days and evenings, beautiful and steadfast. The meaning is in the routine, of knowing your one person is still there, still the love you chose after all these years. Gifts – these days are bundles of packages wrapped and unwrapped over and over again. All of these middle parts are blessings that if we do not take the time to observe, to appreciate and to nourish, might just slip into countless moments that go unrecognized.


As we move into this decade I must be honest, the one aspect of life that constantly tugs at my being is my ability to be keenly aware of mortality. The notion that life, this fragile, mortal existence is ever so finite. Before you leave thinking this will be a sad, depressing post, I urge you to stay, because the message I hope to convey is one that is necessary.


As we move into each day I try to remind my self to stop and observe. Observe the tiny miracles that surround me daily – the single snowflake that falls from high above and dances in the wind until it no longer exists. The sunset that vividly colors the morning sky. The animals breath on a cold, early morning hike with a dear friend.


To watch my children as if I were a stranger not knowing them, able to absorb their many talents, their charm and their budding personalities that are often overlooked in the rush of the day. I take notice of how tenderly my husband reaches for my arm, or smiles at me from across a room. I notice and I give thanks, because as we have sadly been reminded on so many occasions recently, that those moments can and often all do, change in a single instant.


So, as I move into each day, I want to take the time to do the following:

Observe with a watchful eye all the surrounds me.

Take the time to look people in the eye and make a deep connection with friends, family, even strangers, because as the end of the day, we all want to be heard, loved and validated.

Be grateful. For all of it, even the annoying events, like early morning grocery store runs, laundry, cooking, because how grateful am I to be able to participate fully and physically in all those events?

To remember that kindness should lead in all that we do.





2 thoughts on “What We Need

  1. What absolutely beautiful words, very touching and heartfelt. Couldn’t agree more that we all need to be kind and grateful and connect with as many people around us that we can. Lovely post.

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