It is safe to say that our son loves LEGO. He can tinker and build and create with those bricks all day long. I cannot say that I share the same enthusiasm over LEGO’s, but this year I opted to take a different approach to his building fever. I discovered Outschool, an online platform that offers an array of course for children from Elementary School through High School.

I quietly browsed their selection of offerings and when I stumbled upon their LEGO Engineering Challenge course, I asked him what he thought of the idea. His eyes grew wide and his response was immediate and emphatic, “Mom, I need that class.”


And with the click of a button, a few entered details, the course began. I have come to realize that though our child’s interests may differ from our own (of course they do, they are their own selves) we need to embrace their interests, talents and unique skill sets. Our son eagerly anticipates this class each week as he connects with other LEGO enthusiasts from around the world (how cool is that?) and problems solves as he works through assignments. Here’s to non-traditional education that truly nurtures our children’s interests and talents.


2 thoughts on “Online Courses for Children

  1. What an incredible idea for a course. Lego is the best way to learn about engineering and what adult doesn’t love playing (or should that be working) with Lego. Love it.

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