Now that it is almost autumn (you can feel it coming can’t you) and our favorite time to hike, here’s a little inspiration on how to spend the perfect fall weekend. You know, the kind of weekend that begs you to get outside and marvel in all the rich, brilliant colors, all the while wearing your favorite sweater and perhaps even a little hat and scarf. Oh, my, I am excited just thinking about the season that is upon us. Giddy in fact.

So, go and enjoy a long, gorgeous autumn hike (if you need a little inspiration, our book, Fresh Air Kids Switzerland is full of lovely family-friendly ideas) followed by a delicious, mouth watering fondue. The yummy cheesy dish that fills that house with a romantic aroma that just begs you to gather around the table, drink a class of wine or cognac and enjoy deep conversations with family and friends.

Hmm…if you think that might just hit the spot, well, we have just the book for you to create your own, delicious fondues right at home. Haute Fondue was created by Jennifer and Arnaud Favre and provides delicious inspiration for a warm meal, perfect after any outdoor excursion.

Now that the inspiration has been provided, all that is left to do is lace up those hiking boots, dust off the fondue pots and enjoy the cooler temperatures. Yum!




Haute Fondue (deutsch)


Both photo credits belong to HELVETIQ. Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Autumn is nearly here…

  1. Fondue. Mmmmmm. Although we have some leaves on the ground here, it’s gotten quite hot again this week, so more like summer than autumn. I’ll be in France next week, so I’ll see what the weather is like there. I think it’s been a bit cooler than here, but I’m good with that. (Your book sounds great.)


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