We are still wrapped in all kinds of nature colors to be able to share our love of the natural world with families all around the globe. We are most grateful for a recent spread in the 20 Minuten (Zurich and Basel editions) for their coverage of our book, Fresh Air Kids Switzerland. Our hope is that families are inspired to experience all of the magic nature has to offer and Switzerland is the perfect place to experience that beauty.

Thank you and to pick-up one of our books, please visit the following website!

4 thoughts on “Thank you!

  1. I enjoyed some fresh, cool air this morning, but the view didn’t look exactly like this one unfortunately. 🙂 I am, however, extremely grateful for my view and enjoy it as often as possible.


  2. Fabulous views and Switzerland is just an unbelievably beautiful country. How fabulous for your children to be growing up there. Proper fresh mountain air too.

  3. Thank you! We never knew we would be raising our children in Switzerland, but my gosh, what a treat it has been. Of course a life abroad does come with its challenges too. We always try to be honest about those challenges as well, but the beauty in this country is truly incredible. Enjoy your weekend!

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