As we move into the holiday season (gulp) I will post a few health tips, and gentle reminders to help keep us present and focused on those things that really matter. Life is crazy enough, so if you need to move inward, give yourself permission to do so.


This tip is simple but in the end, it ultimately saves on time and money. When it comes to shopping and gift giving, go easy. Consider exchanging experiences instead of gifts or consumables. This way, you can create beautiful memories with those that mean the most to you. An experience beats a gift any day and some experiences have the power to knock the socks right off of the recipient.

Ideas include:

Tour books – ever want to hike in a gorgeous location, there are books for that!

Dinner reservations at your favorite restaurant

A show – local, or a full on production, it doesn’t matter

An invitation to a TED Talk – learning is always fun

A concert or musical experience

Coffee at your favorite coffee shop

Museum tickets to a special exhibit

Wine tasting




One thought on “Thoughts – Tip Four

  1. Experiences are a good idea, especially for those people “who have everything.” However, one year I asked my husband for a vacuum, as I needed one and why spend money on a vacuum AND some expensive gifts. Not everyone thought it was a good gift, but I did. 🙂 I don’t think consumables are bad gifts, particularly for friends who you don’t want to give more expensive gifts. Homemade consumables seem to often be appreciated.

    Merry almost-Christmas!


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