I think we can all agree that 2020 has been quite the year. For so many reasons, we have a lot to reflect upon, a great deal to ponder and so very much to be grateful for. We have spent our days, like everyone else, doing our best to navigate this precarious year. We have missed flights and felt further away from family and friends than ever before. We’ve moved offices into our home, home schooled without much grace, resumed normal work schedules, submitted projects that felt herculean and spent more time than ever before together. We contemplated “what-if” scenarios and fell even closer together as a family residing in a relatively small flat.

We do our best to remind ourselves of the gifts that have wrapped themselves in so many forms of crazy in 2020. Our greatest take-away from this year has been gratitude. We are grateful for some many tiny elements that create most of our days and that often go unnoticed. Now, we take the time to appreciate the work we have, the warmth of our tiny home, the groceries that fill our fridge, the education our children receive from very committed teachers, our health, our friends and our family. We are better for having endured this year, together. And as we always say in our home, “learn the lesson or repeat the lesson.” This this year, we are learning so many of life’s valuable lessons. Mostly, we are learning to look at the little things, which have always turned themselves into the greatest joys of our everyday lives.

*On a side note, we have been away for a very long time from this space. Filling pages and curating content felt overwhelming. But perhaps, we will return in some capacity. In the meantime, we created another site, though not terribly attended to either, to promote our books: https://www.freshairkids.com/.

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