Quotes To Live By

“Life will test you but remember this, when you walk up a mountain your legs get stronger.” – Unknown




Story Time

Throughout the trail network in Switzerland, it is easy to find great spots to stop, take a break from a hike, and recharge your batteries with a warm snack by a fire.  A good pause to enjoy time with friends, family, to socialize and catch up with each other.  For more information about hikes in Switzerland, here are a few of our favorite spring hikes (Ruine Pfeffingen, Ruine Landskron, and Arlesheim to Muttenz), as well as some tips for getting acquainted with hiking in Switzerland, or check our Hiking in Switzerland Page.


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Social Media – Let’s Get REAL

“Authenticity is not something we have or don’t have.  It’s a practice — a conscious choice of how we want to live.  Authenticity is a a collection of choices that we have to make every day.  It’s about the choice to show up and be real.  The choice to be honest.  The choice to let our true selves be seen.”

Brene Brown


For anyone who knows me, I have a genuine love/hate with social media.  I love it and I use it primarily to keep connected with people I know, knew and still care to keep in contact with, especially since we no longer reside in the U.S.  I do my best to keep my checking under wraps, limit my posts (most are fed through our blog) and try to play nice with others.  Fair enough; it serves some purpose.

What I loathe about social media, is well, a great deal, but what gets me worked up the most and I completely own the fact that we too, fall prey to this, is the mirage of images that portray our ultimate lives, note I didn’t say our actual lives because most of those pictures only tell a small fraction of the story.  Turn the camera slightly to the left and you will blow out a whole new tale and watch out if the audio is on.  You know, the vacations, the butterflies, the sunrise slowing making its way over the horizon, all the while your perfect children sit under a sprawling oak tree in their gorgeous, perfectly clean outdoor gear. We are no exception.


All glorious, all perfect, all of the time.  I have thought about this in depth and what we don’t tend to post are the REAL moments that make up this life for fear that people really don’t want to see what REAL life entails.  Or that we may come across as negative, but what if we all took a single moment or day and posted what our lives really look like?  Allowing the shields to fall as they may and show the REAL, actual intricacies of our days, no matter how ugly, how horrible, how down right ridiculous they may appear, because those moments are what fill our days, not the vacations, not the fancy cars, not the staged selfies, the REAL moments are our lives and no single persons’ life is picture perfect, Facebook ready all the time.


So here goes…

Getting robbed on holiday and scrambling to cancel credit cards, check your accounts and rack your brain as to how on earth this could have happened to you and your wallet, which are now empty except for the singles that were left behind.  Thanks for that.  All the while your children neglect to sleep that night in fear of the robber making his or her presence in your rental property.   4 people – 1 bed = NO Sleep.

You slaving away over your husband’s birthday cake only to discover when you pull it out of the oven that it, honest to God, looks like a steaming pile of shit.  Julia Child and your mother would be oh, so proud.  Back to the kitchen.


Your stinky self after returning from the gym…selfie that…too bad cameras don’t capture smells, because you my friend are oh, so funky!


You climbing in a climbing in a gym and seriously having a break down because you don’t cannot trust the ropes that are supposed to hold you.  This gets very REAL, very fast!  After hanging on the wall for ten minutes forming blood blisters on your fingers, all the while adults try to coax you down, you realize you need to seriously check your mental stability and your pants.  So much for being a bad ass climber, the alter ego you longed to cultivate. Sigh.


Your child throwing a tantrum in the car for hours (literally) on Highway 1, as you and your partner, jet lagged, hungry and functioning in a fog lose your minds.  Your solution is to  ask your husband to pull the car over and you promptly exit, followed by a dangerous, albeit quiet walk (with the highway patrol in clear sight) into the unknown because sometimes parents just need a moment and that moment was mine for the taking.   This is REAL life parenting that most of us don’t capture or post, or even talk about!


The phone call that left your heart aching, a lump in your throat and you at a total loss for words.  The call that altered the way you view life forever.

The ups the downs, the ins the outs, the bills that need paying, the tears, the mundane, the work, the early morning alarms, the sickness, the health, the longing, the meals that require preparation, the desire, the hurt, the conversations, the dreams, the heart break, the anguish and the devastation, the arms you fall into at night, the hugs that fill you, the tears you dry and the noses you wipe. We don’t post that, we don’t create images for the world to see, because we are too busy creating a facade of what we need others to believe our lives to be.  Sad.


Perhaps getting REAL is too much, or perhaps it is the answer.  Despite the fact that it may not be photogenic, this life is ours,  however, messy, crazy, scattered, disgusting and full of love, as it may be, these moments, these images are our lives, the world we created, the people we chose and the reality we live in.  And all I have to say, is how lucky are we?



Quotes to Live By


“Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.  Be kind.  Always.” – Unknown