Story Time

Throughout the trail network in Switzerland, it is easy to find great spots to stop, take a break from a hike, and recharge your batteries with a warm snack by a fire.  A good pause to enjoy time with friends, family, to socialize and catch up with each other.  For more information about hikes in Switzerland, here are a few of our favorite spring hikes (Ruine Pfeffingen, Ruine Landskron, and Arlesheim to Muttenz), as well as some tips for getting acquainted with hiking in Switzerland, or check our Hiking in Switzerland Page.


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Hiking Tip – Socks…They Matter!


Cringe… I hate to admit another rookie mistake in the works from this lady, but it happened.  I confess I had no flippin’ idea that a.) hiking socks are a thing  b.) hiking socks are very important to the hiker c.) that hiking socks are necessary and finally d.) that hiking socks are both worth the pricey investment and more than just a way to make X brand more money.

Doh…note to self, hiking socks are my new favorite way to spend great amounts of money in a very short period of time and ask my husband, I am not a big spender!  Privileged I know, but to the hiker, those trusty socks can and do make the world of difference translating into comfortable, warm and dry feet, plus blister free for miles and miles and miles.  Ah, because there is nothing worse than lacing your boots back up when your feet are covered in fresh, raw blisters.  Ouch!

At this point in time, I do not have a favorite brand, however, if any of the below mentioned sock brands (X Bionic, SmartWool, Jack Wolfskin, and Teko Eco-Performance socks) are interested in being a sponsor of More 2 Explore, I am certain I would not be hard pressed to come up with a favorite, trusty, outdoor, hiking sock… in a flash. Ha!  Just reach out and let me know.  But on an serious note, I do dig the Merino hiking socks for keeping my feet dry, warm and comfy with that bit of extra cushion.

Until then, know this fellow hikers, hiking socks are a thing, and they are totally worth the investment!  Your socks have the power to make hiking a genuine pleasure or an absolute fail; choose pleasure my friends, choose pleasure because blisters on the trail blow, no other way to say it!



Out of this World

When I first stumbled across this, it seemed bizarre, out of place, alien.  I had to stop, examine the tracks, and study the plant.  Our hike had led us to Lämmerensee, which had started to dry up in the late summer, its clay-like mud surface textured by micro organisms and invaded by macro organisms of human, canine, and aves origin.

Visit this post for more photos of this hike from Gemmipass to Lämmerensee.

Stuck in the mud

This post is part of the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Out of this World


Hiking with Kids – Tip


When those hiking miles seem to stretch on forever, how do you motivate the little ones in your group to keep on walking?  We have lots of tips for encouraging your little people to press on, but here is one we recently discovered and I must admit, we all get rather into it.

Before leaving for your hike, print out several “Would You Rather” questions and whip them out when the going gets tough.  For the emerging readers in your group, have them read the questions to the family to work on their reading skills; they won’t even realize they are reading!


Here are a few of our favorite questions.

Would you rather speak every language in the world, or be able to play every instrument?

Would you rather always put ketchup on everything or chocolate sauce?

Would you rather live by the ocean or in the mountains?

Would you rather spend a lifetime with your shoes on the wrong feet or your clothes on backwards?

Would you rather be invisible or be able to fly?

Would you rather go to space or to the deepest parts of the ocean?

Would you rather be 8 feet tall or 3 feet tall?

Would you rather have pink hair or pink feet?

Would you rather be Super-girl or Superman?

Would you rather have a unicorn or a dinosaur?

Would you rather swim with dolphins or sharks?


Hiking Tip


When was the last time you turned your hiking boots over and looked long and hard at the soles?  When I first started hiking, I purchased a pair of hiking boots that fit my feet perfectly and I loved those boots.  Those boots covered Alpine trails with ease, never left my feet covered in blisters and were solid, not too heavy and trustworthy.  When a friend invited me for a weekend of Berghaus hiking bliss I jumped at the chance, but right before I went, at the advice of my husband (wise man) I examined my shoes.  They looked incredibly good for all the terrain they had covered, however, when I flipped them over, the miles I had traveled were evident as my shoes had zero tread left.  Zero!

Despite what the top exterior and the inside of my foots showed, my favorite hiking companions has been worn down to literally nothing.  Hiking over shale, rocks, loose pebbles and wet trails is not safe when the tread of your shoes is non-existent, so I started the search for new shoes.

Before you hit the trails, take a look at the bottom of your shoes and see how your tread is holding up.  If your tread is low, consider either having them resoled (by a trustworthy and skilled cobbler and yes, that profession is alive and well in Europe), or purchase a new pair altogether.  This one small trick, of flipping your shoes over is essential for keeping you safe and comfortable on the trail.

Happy hiking!