Hiking Tip – Layers

When hiking with a friend last week, she recommended I complete a post on hiking layers.  So this post is based on her inspiration.  Thanks girl!


Now that the weather is turning chilly (I love it) knowing how to layer is key to making the most of your outdoor experience.

The top:

T-Shirt – Long Sleeve – Fleece – Jacket

The bottom:

Long hiking pants that zip off – wool socks (my favorite) – for super cold weather, wear a base layer under your pants and upgrade to warmer hiking pants.  Always wear proper hiking boots when on the trail.

Never leave home without:

Sunglasses, a scarf or a Buff, gloves and a hat!

Happy trails!


Tuesday Round-Up


We have been thinking a lot lately about preserving the childhoods and the innocence of our little people.  That means slowing down, lifting the pressure that school may at times inflict on our children and limiting the use of modern technology (gasp, the horror).  But as parents it is our job to find what works best for our children, even if that means going against the grain and societal norms.  This is not to ostracize our children or us as adults, rather it is merely a means to help them flourish with healthy limitations.  If there is little to no benefit in what they are doing, or hope to do, then perhaps it will require a second thought or a deeper discussion.  Just because “everyone is doing it” is not a sufficient response.

This article about children and cell phones is very important.  Major take-away, “First, middle schoolers are woefully unprepared for the addictive nature of smartphones and the complex ethics of social media.”  That seems to sum it up and I believe adults face similar issues as well.

Grateful for Howard Gardner’s Theory on Multiple Intelligences, which has made some family discussions that much easier.

Child-led learning and play is something we may invest more time and focus on in this family.

Spending even more time in nature, especially because the autumn is our favorite time to hike!  Let’s fill up on Vitamin N!

Looking forward to exploring, hiking and enjoying the Ticino area of Switzerland.

This fun piece about the Matterhorn by Brendan Leonard.

This gorgeous song by Fleurie.

Have a wonderful week!




The Right to Roam


As a family who adores the outdoors, the mountains, rivers, lakes and remote places, learning about the “Right to Roam,” seemed only natural when we moved to Switzerland.


According to Wikipedia, “Freedom to roam, or “everyman’s right,” is the general public’s right to access certain public or privately owned land, lakes and rivers for recreation and exercise.”  We am happy to report that of the following countries: Scotland, Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Austria, Czech Republic, that Switzerland is part of that list.  According to the “Swiss Civil Code” the right to roam is guaranteed in Switzerland with some limitations, primarily dictated by individual cantons and are put in place to prevent excess use of the land.


In the States, we did our fair share of hiking, but it was always very clear that some land was “private” and thus was not to be entered, hiked, or set foot upon.  According to Wikipedia, “property rights within the United States include the right to exclude others.”


For now, we are most grateful to live in a country that permits its residents and outdoor enthusiasts the “right to roam,” making this life experience all the sweeter.  Thank you for allowing so many of us the opportunity to visit remote places, witness unprecedented beauty and realize how much there is to protect in this world.  We will tread with gentle feet, respect the landscape with hopes that in years to come, our grandchildren’s children will still enjoy wild, untouched places.

To learn more on the topic, view this video put out by Patagonia titled, “Right to Roam.”

Or listen to the podcast, 99% Invisible episode 313 “Right to Roam.”


The Weekend Retreat- Anenhütte


We aren’t going to lie, it takes a great deal of effort to reach the Anenhütte.  Hikers will sweat and work hard, but the energy required is worth it once you reach the top (as are all good things in this life).  This metal clad building sits literally in the middle of nowhere, which in our humble opinion equates bliss.  The perfect spot to retreat, to seek peace, quiet and a bit of exploration.


This hütte is accessible by foot, helicopter and well, that’s it.  Book your room in advance and marvel in the views, the dorm style rooms and some good eats.  Please note, this is a seasonal location, so prior to making the trek up, be sure to visit their website to determine if they are indeed open and if they have a room for you.


You might just be speechless once you reach the summit.  Our son climbed in the window, sat there for awhile taking in the views.  Not a bad choice buddy, not bad at all.