Thoughts – Tip Three


As we move into the holiday season (gulp) I will post a few health tips, and gentle reminders to help keep us present and focused on those things that really matter. Life is crazy enough, so if you need to move inward, give yourself permission to do so.

Thought number three – Keep it simple in every way.

The holidays can feel overwhelming with events, expectations that seem to never be met, work deadlines, and the multitude of activities leading up to the big day, but they don’t have to be.

Saying “no” when it gets overwhelming is perfectly acceptable.

Keep meals simple placing an emphasis on focus on health by eating fresh food with plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Carve out time that is not scheduled on the calendar and focus on what really matters and sometimes what matters the most is curling up with a good book or a holiday family movie under mounds of blankets on the sofa.


Basler Herbstmesse 2019

It’s that time of year again in Basel when the rides are installed, the food is plentiful and the city draws millions of people from the neighboring countries to celebrate the fall festivities.

This year Basler Herbstmesse will take place from October 26 through November 12.  The main locations for this seasonal event are:  Marktplatz, Barfüsserplatz, Petersplatz, Kasernenareal, and Messeplatz.

Mark your calendars, grab your children and enjoy this magical time of the year!


Summer Digital Detox

The summer is quickly approaching (don’t we know it) and with the sweet six weeks we are promised, we have made the decision to move slowly away from this platform. That means less posts, but more living. Yes, to getting out there!

Our hope is to reconnect as a family, fall into the swing of routine-free days, work on new and very exciting projects and fall back in love with the Alps. All such sweet elements that make this life beautiful and delicious in every-single-way. Yum!

So, here’s to hot summer days, pool time, ice cream eating, hiking excursions, actual book reading, friend greeting and late nights under the glow of a setting sun! Sounds just about perfect!


The Best Gifts This Holiday


Stop throwing your money away and damaging the planet by purchasing trinkets no one needs, nor will care about in one week from opening. Instead, purchase those you love memorable experiences. A few ideas are listed below.

A day out with your partner,

a donation to your favorite charity in honor of someone you love,

a hike on a new trail,

a meal at a local restaurant,

a sweet bottle of wine that can be shared with company,

a massage,

a trip to a new town,

a movie,

a museum pass or savored time alone.

Experiences, those are the gifts that keep giving long after the tree has been taken down and the new year rolls around.