Fresh Air Kids Switzerland – My Book of Discoveries


We are thrilled to announce that our second book, Fresh Air Kids Switzerland – My Book of Discoveries is now available.

This book was designed exclusively for children to take with them on all of their outdoor adventures. With scavenger hunts, coloring pages, a summer bucket list and lots of pages to track all of their hiking journeys, children of all ages will enjoy hitting the trails with their new hiking companion.

Cool book features include:

Written in 3 languages (English, German & French) to enhance learning.

Small and light making it easy for little people to carry in their backpacks.

Playful graphics make the book not only fun, but easy to use.

The perfect way for children to document all of their outdoor experiences.

Ideal for long train trips.

A great way to encourage learning in nature.

Note to Parents:

If you are a parent that is looking to add an educational component to your summer holidays, this handy- dandy book might just be your ticket. As an educator myself, my children will both be sporting this book on our travels and at home. With three languages and creative educational components, my hope is that my kiddos learn while having fun outside!


Our book is now available in all major bookstores and of course, through our incredible publisher’s website.

Have fun!


It’s Time…Get Outside


Oh, now that the spring has finally sprung and the days are not only warmer, but longer too, let’s focus on spending more quality time outside. That doesn’t mean you have to venture far from home, but here are a few tips to make the most of your outdoor experiences.

1. Visit botanical gardens and luckily, if you reside in the Basel area, we have two incredible gardens that are well worth a visit! Oh, and if you haven’t seen the gorgeous Iris gardens in full bloom, they are estimated to be in full bloom in about two weeks. Plan your visit now!


2. Walk around the Rhine. That river has an incredible pull and begs you to linger along her shores. So pack a picnic, bring a bike, or simply walk and bask in the sunlight, enjoy the parks, stop at a museum and frolic because spring is meant for frolicking.

3. Take a hike. This weather is amazing and there is no better time to hike. Find a local trail or hit the Alps (just know that higher elevations will still have lots of snow) and enjoy the mountains.


4. Picnic in the park. There are so many green spaces and awesome parks in Basel, so commit to visiting them all, one at a time.