Hiking Tip – Layers

When hiking with a friend last week, she recommended I complete a post on hiking layers.  So this post is based on her inspiration.  Thanks girl!


Now that the weather is turning chilly (I love it) knowing how to layer is key to making the most of your outdoor experience.

The top:

T-Shirt – Long Sleeve – Fleece – Jacket

The bottom:

Long hiking pants that zip off – wool socks (my favorite) – for super cold weather, wear a base layer under your pants and upgrade to warmer hiking pants.  Always wear proper hiking boots when on the trail.

Never leave home without:

Sunglasses, a scarf or a Buff, gloves and a hat!

Happy trails!

The Right to Roam


As a family who adores the outdoors, the mountains, rivers, lakes and remote places, learning about the “Right to Roam,” seemed only natural when we moved to Switzerland.


According to Wikipedia, “Freedom to roam, or “everyman’s right,” is the general public’s right to access certain public or privately owned land, lakes and rivers for recreation and exercise.”  We am happy to report that of the following countries: Scotland, Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Austria, Czech Republic, that Switzerland is part of that list.  According to the “Swiss Civil Code” the right to roam is guaranteed in Switzerland with some limitations, primarily dictated by individual cantons and are put in place to prevent excess use of the land.


In the States, we did our fair share of hiking, but it was always very clear that some land was “private” and thus was not to be entered, hiked, or set foot upon.  According to Wikipedia, “property rights within the United States include the right to exclude others.”


For now, we are most grateful to live in a country that permits its residents and outdoor enthusiasts the “right to roam,” making this life experience all the sweeter.  Thank you for allowing so many of us the opportunity to visit remote places, witness unprecedented beauty and realize how much there is to protect in this world.  We will tread with gentle feet, respect the landscape with hopes that in years to come, our grandchildren’s children will still enjoy wild, untouched places.

To learn more on the topic, view this video put out by Patagonia titled, “Right to Roam.”

Or listen to the podcast, 99% Invisible episode 313 “Right to Roam.”


Summer Postcards

“Every summer has its own story.” – Unknown



Lötschental, Switzerland, Nendaz, Switzerland and Lenzerheide, Switzerland

Summer, (sigh) has officially come to an end, while not officially on the calendar, but in our world. Two weeks ago we started school and our regular routines. And thus,  I write this with a deep sense of melancholy, as this was one of our best summers on record and honestly, I hate to see the days come to a close.  So full, so rich, so amazing.  We created a “Bucket List” to help keep us on track this summer with all we hoped to accomplish and we are happy to announce that we checked off all but three of the 22 items on our list.  Go team!

So, here’s a shout out to my family for covering all those miles on the trails, trying new things, searching for incredible creatures, and splashing in lakes and oceans.  My love for you all runs long and deep and I am already dreaming about our next big adventure!

Story Time

Throughout the trail network in Switzerland, it is easy to find great spots to stop, take a break from a hike, and recharge your batteries with a warm snack by a fire.  A good pause to enjoy time with friends, family, to socialize and catch up with each other.  For more information about hikes in Switzerland, here are a few of our favorite spring hikes (Ruine Pfeffingen, Ruine Landskron, and Arlesheim to Muttenz), as well as some tips for getting acquainted with hiking in Switzerland, or check our Hiking in Switzerland Page.


This post is part of the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Story