Morges Literary Festival – Yes Please!

If you are short on weekend ideas, we’ve got one for you. Morges will be hosting their 10th annual literary festival rich with activities, local authors (us too) all located on the gorgeous lake Geneva. We will be there, so if you are in the area, please stop by and say hello!


All the information you need is here!

Fresh Air Kids – What People Are Saying


Photo credit: HELVETIQ

Writing a book is an incredible experience, especially when that experience has been a life-long dream. We still smile whenever we touch our book, flip through the pages and see images of my children with hiking boots on in remarkable locations.

Having that said, Fresh Air Kids Switzerland is so much more to us than just a hiking book. For us, it is about connecting families to the natural world. Teaching children, or, the next generation, to care for a world that desperately requires our love and attention. It is about slowing down, returning to our roots, and finding tiny miracles on a network of trails that is vast, gorgeous and accessible. It is about falling in love with the outdoors, awakening our senses and discovering moments that leave us with tears in our eyes and wonder in our souls.

We are grateful for all of the support we have received as we promote our book and as we continue to share our love of nature with families across Switzerland.  Our deep hope is that we have done right by our readers and continue to spark awe and joy through the hikes we share with you. Be well and hike on!

Here is what people are saying about Fresh Air Kids Switzerland…

“Thank you for the amazing book.” – Amanda

Thanks Fresh Air Kids for all the tips and suggestions. We went on our first hike from your book to Reinach on the Skulpturenweg and enjoyed every minute of it. It was so handy to know before hand details like how many kilometers it was and roughly how much time we would need. Already planning our next hike. Thanks again, your book really entices one outdoors and what’s more, its incredibly helpful for inexperienced hikers like ourselves. It’s fabulous. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – Rozanne

Discover new places, make new friends, and live the Switzerland dream! Fresh Air Kids is for all ages and our family of teens were very thankful for the tips provided by the Grindelwald First hike. We discovered a suspension bridge, woke up to unbelievable views and enjoyed the cable car ride back down the mountain. This book is a must have for every out door backpack. –Nicole Scoles, Basel West GGG Stadtbibliothek Librarian

“I love the quality of the book and the texture of its pages.”

“Finding our way with a useful resource.” – Julie

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Mountain Huts

Switzerland has hundreds of huts that sprinkle the alpine landscape. Perched on mountains, cliffs and in remote valleys, these huts offer a warm place to sleep, a hot meal and sometimes, even a shower. The individuals that run the huts work extremely hard to feed, clean and ensure that visitors have a relaxing stay. Often times, these huts are so remote, that their provisions must be delivered via helicopter. I have had the great honor of watching as a helicopter removes trash, recyclables and drops off a few weeks of fresh food, and items that cannot be hand carried up the mountains.


This summer and now that our children are older, our hope is to hike to some of the incredible huts in Switzerland. Exposing our children to more huts (they have already visited several) we hope they learn more about Swiss culture, and develop a great appreciation for all the work that is involved in running such remarkable operations.

Do you have a favorite hut or Berghaus in Switzerland? If so, we would love to hear from you!

Happy travels and trails!

Where to Stay


If you are like us, you never stop in Interlaken for the abundance of tourists is simply off putting. But recently, over a long weekend, we decided to stay making Interlaken our hub for day trips, which ended up being a perfect choice.

From Interlaken a bounty of opportunities await including:

The St. Beatus Caves

Hike on Niederhorn

Ballenberg Open Air Museum

Giessbach Falls & Nature Park

As far as accommodations are concerned, we opted to stay at the Backpackers Villa Sonnenhof. A hostel yes, but it was clean, friendly, we had a private room with a private bath, making it just like any other hotel stay. The hostel offered a large garden with ping-pong and a pool table, which our children loved.

So stop or stay in Interlaken, which is the ideal home base for day trips.