Best of… Photos

Over the past 11 years living abroad, raising two children, stoking the fire of travel, wandering the Alps, and then some, we’ve accumulated a few photos of our travels.  We hope you enjoy them, and if you are curious where we’ve been… click the link and all the best from More2Explore.


This post is part of the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: All-time Favorites

The Year in Pictures

The best way to summarize our year is through images.  We were grateful to make the most of another year by seeing some pretty incredible places in this vast world.  Feeling very grateful and indeed blessed!

Landskron Castle, France


Snowshoeing Adventure, Switzerland



Basler Fasnacht



Toulouse, France



Sardinia, Italy


Merian Gärtens, Basel, Switzerland


Brand, Austria


Melchsee Frutt, Switzerland



Trift, Switzerland





Grimselwelt, Switzerland






Engstlenalp, Switzerland


Engelberg, Switzerland



Morschach, Switzerland



Weggis, Switzerland



Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season and here’s to getting out there and making the most of this incredible life!

More2Explore – 2014 – A Year in Photos

As we cap off a year, and are thrusted into another one – we find ourselves quickly whelmed at the coming tide of February.  How did this happen so quickly?  Clenching to preserve the here and now, we reflect on our past year, inspired by the photos from our adventures, and yet eager to forge new ones.  We hope you enjoy some of our favorite images that we posted in 2014.

Thanks again for stopping by More2Explore!

More2Explore – 2014 Top Posts

In case you missed them, here are the best posts of 2014.  Many Thanks to all our followers, social media connections, viewers, and WordPress readers for stopping by, and making More2Explore all that it is!

#1 Best Play Grounds in Basel – If you need something to do with your kids in Basel, this is a great resource for most, if not all of the playgrounds and what they have to offer.



#2 Hiking in Switzerland – Map Your Options – You want to hike Switzerland, but are unsure of the navigation side of things. Check out this post, it is a valuable resource with options and important links to online tools for Swiss trails. Why? Because we did the work for you!


#3 Keflavik – We Have a Problem – This is our own story about the Plane Wreck in Iceland. It is a Black and White photo compilation of our visit to the crash site as well as the history behind one of the most intriguing places we’ve ever been. This is perhaps my favorite post.


#4 Our Dilemma with Iceland – This Robert’s pre-story of Iceland. It reminds us to Get Out & Go, remove the excuses, inhibitions, and see the world you want to see regardless of what others think. Life is Short and sometimes you need to do your own thing.


#5 The Kids and the Plane – We cannot say enough about Iceland, and from all the traffic on our site, it is also of interest to many others. This post reflects upon the fun we have had, and encourages us all to find the inner child. We’re never too old to play and have fun!


#6 Teaching Children to Break the Rules – For all you parents out there, here is a topic about the balance between discipline, order, chaos, and letting go. Kids will be kids, and sometimes, it’s ok to break the rules.


#7 Basel Goes Botanical – Basel is a wonderful city, the Spring only accentuates it. This post lists many parks in Basel, and is a must use resource when visiting, especially in the spring.



#8 Black and White Iceland – After thousands of photos of Iceland, we show you our favorites in a special Black and White post. Use caution while viewing, it might make you want to book a trip!



#9 Hiking the Jura Crest Trail – A day trip from Basel, the Jura Crest Trail offers a nice segment from Balsthal to Weissenstein. On clear days, this hike offers views of the alps.  Here is a little info for those who might enjoy a different hike.



2011-05-11_Ednbg_310#10 Expat Life – Taking Risks – As opportunities present themselves, or if you are paving your own way, this post is a personal story on taking a risk to live abroad. Taking in all that the journey has to offer, and making most of the adventure.


Thanks again for all your views in 2014!!!

My Crush – Happy Mother’s Day

Dear Melinda,

After hearing about and reading the Adventure Journal article about 8 Mothers who Crush, I wanted you to know why I think you are a Mother who Crushes it, rather than read that article with a sad face. You may not be a champion in a 300-mile ultramarathon, or the only one to summit two 8,000-meter peaks in the same day, or the master of a 5.14b rock route. How many people know what 5.14b means or cares anyway?

2013-07-26-Zrmat_0658-0663smThe ladies, ahem mothers, who are portrayed in the article, are at the top – there can only be one champion, a single best. But is that enough to be one of the elite 8 Mothers who crush it? I think not. Are these mothers really present to be a mother while training for or climbing/skiing Everest, ultramarathoning, or spider climbing a rock face? I still think not. What mother puts themselves in direct danger for their own proclamation of elitism before their own kin? For so many other reasons, you are the mother who crushes it, Daily.

2010-09-12_Run_09You Crush it because you show up, you enter the arena, you give it your all. You Crush it because you dedicate your full days (and nights) to our children. You Crush it because you do not outsource help with the kids. You Crush it because you have a much harder job than I. You Crush it because you teach me how to be a better parent.  You Crush it because you plan and do everything for our children and value their experience to be outside, all the time. You do all this without a car. You Crush it because you are compassionate, supportive, and conscious with our children, while beating yourself up to be better.

Hike from Riffelsee

You Crush it because you gave birth in a foreign country, in a foreign language, without any family help or support, TWICE! You Crush it because you worked and worked-out right up until their births. You Crush it because you care, in great detail about their food, their health, their activities, how they’re perceived, and how they interact. You Crush it because you do, and have done all this and still have found the time to run races, triathlons, and adventure runs, pushing yourself in the gym, and hiking alpine trails with our children on your back!

Murmeltierweg (marmot trail) 3

You Crush it because your writing has been published in 2 different magazines. You Crush it because you can and have traveled all over (mostly Europe), with the kids, uninhibited by what others might say, while making it look easy. You Crush it because you relocated to a foreign country/city without ever visiting it. You are a mother who Crushes it because you put your children first, before yourself. You are my one who Crushes it daily, and those ladies in the article don’t come close to you. Happy Mother’s to the woman who Crushes it, and shows others how it’s really done!  I think the world should know that.

Forever in Love,
Your Husband, Robert