The Weekend Retreat – Berghotel Tgantieni


It’s not often I contemplate whether our shared back garden is large enough to house a growing calf, let alone if such an attempt is even feasible, but it is safe to say we all fell in love with that furry little gal.  Perhaps it wasn’t just the resident calf with her shaggy fur and adorable face, living on a lovely farm just for the children to enjoy, but the location (far away from everything).   Away from everything is often a very, very good thing!2018-07-24-Lenzr_108

Or maybe the comfy beds, the fresh Alpine air and the meals prepared with great care. Hmm….  The trails that were accessible from the Berghotel, or the playground that entertained our children for hours, but the hospitality at Berghotel Tgantieni that was impeccable and the time spent there was perfect.


The farmer even encouraged our children to locate the goat that escaped while eating dinner.  One mouth full and they were gone, having their hand at farming.  I love that place!

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The Weekend Retreat – Schwarzwaldalp

2017-07-02-Swdal_385Tucked away in the Rosenlaui Valley, sits the friendly and welcoming Schwarzwaldalp Chalet and Hotel. With exceptional service and amazing views, the Chalet is the gateway to some remarkable hiking, the Rosenlaui Gorge and Rosenlaui Glacier.


Whether it is a slow and steady trek to a quiet bench, or a longer hike that opens up to glacier views, this is the perfect little retreat to clear your head and remind yourself that life can and should be simple.  All one needs is a bit of fresh air, stunning views, a place to place your head each night and incredible people to share the experience with.  Ahh…it always comes back to the basics.


Schwarzwaldalp is a perfectly child-friendly destination.  With a playground situated in the front of the hotel and a staff that is happy to accommodate children during meal time, the location was perfect.  The hikes in the area were also entertaining for the children, especially the walk through the Rosenlaui Gorge.  Enjoy!

The Weekend Retreat – Away


In a world that seems to have gone crazy, now more than ever, retreating to a humble space feels absolutely necessary.  A place to hide away in the quiet lull of nature, where the world spins slowly, where days are gentle and the outside world can be kept at a comfortable distance.   We long for such a place, especially now.

Location:  In the mountains near Mürren, Switzerland.

Spread kindness…  humble and kind.

Weekend Retreat – Berg Hotel Wildstrubel


What does a couple do with 36 child – free hours? I’ll tell you exactly what we did – we hiked far, fast and uninterrupted. We hiked into the depths of the unknown simply because we could. We thrust ourselves into the quiet expanse of valleys and we returned to who we were as individuals and what we meant to each other as a couple. We hiked for seven hours straight, sometimes chatting madly, while other times retreating to silence, allowing the landscape to do the talking.


We sipped wine over a home – cooked, Berghaus meal; getting up frequently to rush outside to observe the sun slip away after making a stellar performance that day. We longed to grasp that warm ball of incredible glow within our hands and thank that remarkable sphere for blessing us with its golden rays of sunlight, making our hike that much more enjoyable, but she continued to fade over the mountain etched horizon.


We retreated to our cozy room that night, falling into bed exhausted from a day of trekking, exploring and wandering. This weariness that washed over us was unlike the fatigue we experienced at home. This was a fresh, almost forgotten reminder of hard, physical exertion that comes in the adult form.


The next morning we woke early, neglecting the opportunity to sleep in without the pitter patter of tiny feet shuffling down the hall. We woke to take – in that same stunning light peak back over the horizon with remarkable punctuality. Touching each peak one at a time, the colors danced before us, as we embraced each other in a moment of silence.


We slowly lingered over breakfast, packed our backpacks and made the journey back down the mountain and back into our normal lives. Tiny arms greeted us upon our return, smiles filled our family room and memories were etched in our minds, as a couple who was able to steal 36 – hours away from the chaos of our normal routine. 36 – hours to be reminded what it means to fall back into one another as a couple and yet, feel overly anxious to return to the children and life that make our existence as parents, individuals and as a couple, ever so meaningful!