Family Hotel Gorfion – Malbun, Liechtenstein


The hotel greeted us with open arms and our children immediately ran to explore their new surroundings. Nestled in a remote and peaceful valley, Family Hotel Gorfion in Malbun, Liechtenstein was exactly the type of holiday we needed as a family. The hotel knows what children and parents need in order to offer respite from the day – to – day stress that often bogs us down as we try to juggle all the demands of raising a young family.


As the morning sun peeked out over the horizon we would slowly make our way to the outdoor playground for a morning swing, or dig before eating a hearty breakfast. After breakfast, we fell into the true rhythm of the hotel and encouraged our children to play, create and explore with others in the child care, while we set off to discover the beautiful peaks that dominated the landscape. After a few hours of solo hiking, we would return to pick – up our always happy children, who were all too eager to tell us what they had done in our time away. We would then enjoy a family lunch and participate in an afternoon activity with the children. For us, the hotel offered the perfect blend of family time and the alone time we desperately needed as a couple.

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For those parents who are raising their children alone (think expat life), hotels such as the Family Hotel Gorfion might just be the perfect solution to finding the alone time you crave as a couple. This was our first mini-vacation that actually felt like a holiday, as we were able to hike as a couple, talk as adults and relish in each others company. Our time alone was enhanced by the fact that our children were able to play, meet new friends and create their own memories away from us. Children need breaks from their parents as well!

With incredible child care available onsite, amazing activities to keep our children entertained and a ton of onsite amenities, this establishment restored our faith in family hotels. To learn more about the hotel, please visit their website, but we have provided a quick overview of the amenities and services the hotel provides for families.


  • Small but adequate
  • Immaculate
  • Modern
  • Perfectly accommodated our family of four (small bunk beds were available with side rails for the children)
  • A small table and chairs were also in the room for the children to use for coloring, eating, etc.
  • Robes were provided for the entire family to use at the pool or spa


  • A small, indoor swimming pool available onsite (our children loved this)
  • A great playground outside just by the terrace so that the parents could enjoy a drink or meal, while the children jumped on the trampoline, dug in the sand – pit, enjoyed the swings, played ping pong, or rode the many Bobbi cars available
  • Kinder Care – check website for details and hours
  • Strollers available onsite
  • Hiking Backpacks available onsite
  • Spa for adults
  • Lounge for adults
  • A common area that offered a refrigerator, washing machine and dryer and microwave oven! Amazing!


  • Drinks available all day at children’s level so they could help themselves
  • Buffet breakfast
  • Snacks in the afternoon
  • Lunch
  • Dinner – parents can opt to eat with or without children
  • Fresh baby meals prepared daily onsite with organic and local ingredients. Parents of small children are provided with a menu to select meals from. Wow!

Needless to say, we all had a lovely time and our children were quite sad when we told them it was time to go home.

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Travel Tip

Summer usually means travel and there is nothing worse than returning home after a long journey and discovering an empty fridge.  Yikes!  And if you reside in Switzerland and return on a Sunday when all the stores are closed except those located at the train station, you are really in for a shock and a total drag.

We had a rule, which we have now broken on multiple occasions. The latest installment of rule breaking happened on our eighth or ninth trip to Mallorca. Shoot, we were only supposed to go once, but there is something about that island that pulls us back. Perhaps it steams from the early days of our marriage when we stumbled upon dreamy pictures of that island that left us pining for a romantic anniversary destination. Or it could quite possibly be that we reside in a landlocked country that doesn’t have an ocean of its own. Maybe it is the fact that we can fly there in less than two hours. Or the sight of our children splashing in the ocean, running down the shores of the salty sea like puppies freed at last, we sigh in their delight. Or the warm embrace we receive each time we visit our dear friends that call the island home. Those hugs, those familiar faces and the meals we share gathered around a table that warm and welcoming all inspire us to return.

Avoid the problem by having a few items that will last and taste delicious upon your return home.  Think simple meals (pasta with red sauce or pesto, eggs, cheese and bread, frozen fruit for shakes, or freeze a meal in advance and pop it into the oven) with food that has a longer shelf life.






What is Travel?

2014-08-08 - Iceland Plane 831c

Is travel a selfish pursuit, a way to photograph your way through a charmed life?

Is travel a way to awaken the senses, and keep us feeling alive through the mundane tasks of everyday life?

Is travel a way of stroking the ego and abandoning the reality of a real life? Is travel the ultimate escape?

Is travel a remarkable way to learn from others different from us, to embrace unique cultures, customs, languages, food and people that can teach us about tolerance, love and acceptance?

Perhaps travel is a rare occasion that provides a moment of respite and reprieve with the people we love the most?

Is travel the ultimate education that removes us from all things comfortable only to learn so much more than we ever imagined?

Is travel illusive and something some may only dream of?


Today we pose the question, what does travel mean to you?

Travel Tip

Each year, we look at our trusty map of Europe dreaming of all the places we would like to visit, the cultures we would love to explore and the food we long to sample.  We typically try to limit the amount of flights we take for a slew of reasons, but something we always try to be mindful of is not to overlook our current position in the world.


Despite Switzerland being a small country, it is diverse and offers residents and visitors an array of cultures, experiences and please do not forget the incredible hiking opportunities.  Though we have resided in this tiny, landlocked country for ten years, we still have not seen the majority of this petite spot in the world and thus, each year we make the commitment to see a minimum of one new place.


So, here’s our recommendation.  Wherever you may live in the world, don’t forget to be a tourist in your home country once in awhile.  Go somewhere new in your city, visit the local mountain, take a city tour, dine at a new restaurant and witness your city, town or country with fresh eyes.  Book a hotel, walk the streets, the hills or the mountains and absorb the beauty of your location because sometimes we need a reminder to stay put and a nudge to fall in love with our home all over again.


Need some inspiration in Switzerland…we’ve got plenty for you:

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Let us not forget about Fasnacht!

Römerfest MMXVII (2017)

The annual Römerfest takes place in the town of Augst, Switzerland every August.  A short 20 minute bus ride from Basel will get you to the town of Augst, a modern town built on the roman ruins of Augusta Raurica, the oldest known Roman colony on the Rhine river.  Römerfest, is a two day event which provides visitors with much to see and do including family chariot races, concerts, dancing, crafts, war training, history and archeology, and gladiator fights.  It is certainly an interesting event to witness, and if you have ever read the cartoons Asterix and Obelix, then you may find yourself naming the many participants.  A bit of fun in the captions below.  If you are in the Basel area in August, be sure to make your way to this event!