After School Activities – Judo


Searching for after school activities can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.

Judo, which is a Japanese martial art that literally means, “the way of gentleness” after combining the “ju”and “do.”  The sport utilizes both the mind and body and provides ideal training for children and adults of all ages. For children that require physical training, full body movement, appreciate respect for a sport and need to work on concentration, Judo is the ideal sport.

We can highly recommend Judo Schule Nippon in Basel.  We have spent years at the club and appreciate all the school has to offer. With highly trained teachers that work extremely well with children of all levels/ages, this school is professional, fun and dedicated to the sport.

Oh, and mark your calendars for World Judo Day, which is celebrate on the 28th of October.


Songs of Life


Commuting to work a few weeks again, I was listening to a podcast (no surprise there) and what I heard immediately made me think. The simple question was, “What song most represents your life?” What?  I loved the question, I loved the question so much in fact that I hit the pause button and mentally scrolled through every single song I could think of and then, not more than five minutes later I found it. I hit play on my iPod, listened to the words with wild focus and cried.  Yep, on the bus, commuting to work while none other than the Garth Brooks sang “The River.” I knew that one song, those lyrics and all that song has come to mean over the years was the perfect fit.

Have you thought about the song that best represents your life?  What is it?  We’d love to hear.



Travel Truths


Looking back over 2018, we had a full and very diverse travel year.  We were able to visit family and friends, travel for work, and travel close to home.  We have discovered a few travel truths, which may help you plan your next trip.

  1.  Long haul travel is difficult for a plethora of reasons (cost, time, jet lag,etc), but renting homes has made a big difference.  Houses allow you to wake when you are naturally inclined to do so, stumble into a kitchen and make a much needed cup of coffee.  Houses provide the space to spread out, do laundry at odd hours, and cook meals on your own.  Working through jet lag in a home is so much more convenient  than in a hotel, providing the opportunity to cook, play, and whatever you may need or want to do during the wee hours of the morning, or late at night.  Privacy and space are fabulous when embarking on long haul travel.
  2. Don’t forget to be a visitor in your old home.  When we visited California, it had been years since we stepped foot in the Golden State, so we took the opportunity to see the State with fresh eyes.  We hiked new trails, visited new beaches, explored new areas and showed our children new locations with family and friends close by.  Though we had lived in the State for years, the journey was intoxicating for us all and it provided our children with a small lens into the lives we once live and the people we spent our time with. What a joy!
  3. Staying home can be a true joy.  This summer we opted to stay in Switzerland and explored different parts of the country we had never visited before.  We still had the wonder of newness and excitement, without having to board a plane.  Together as a family we hiked fresh trails, visited new villages and fell deeper in love with Switzerland. Staying close to home can be a fabulous option.

Wrap up –  Rent homes for long haul travel instead of staying in hotels, visit familiar places with fresh eyes and marvel in vacationing close to home.  Travel well!


Tuesday Round – Up


Here are a few interesting sites that we have enjoyed from around the web.

This video by Patagonia, Harvesting Liberty.  Fantastic.

This awesome podcast, Chompers that helps children brush their teeth for a full three minutes.  Brilliant!

This movie, Collateral Beauty, which is a heart-felt watch, especially this time of the year.  Forget the reviews, I thought it was genius!

This cake, which we recently made for our little man’s 10th birthday.  Moist, delicious and not too sweet – just what he asked for!

This perfect video by Jay Shetty on making a difference.  A must watch.

Finally, this quote…

“The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.” – Burton Hills