Serene is defined as, “calm, peaceful and untroubled,” which is exactly what we wish for dear friends and family during these difficult times.  Its seems only suiting that the image below was taken in California, home to those that could use serenity in their lives the most.  May peace wash over you.


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The Perfect Reminder

Just when you need it the most, out of nowhere it appears.  That little sign that this fight is worth the extra effort, that each smiles means something, that each gesture, however small, can light an internal fire in someone, to be the gentle persuasion they need to know that someone cares.


In an old archive, I discovered this gorgeous piece written by Marian Wright Edelman from her work entitled, Guide My Feet.  

“So many people feel so overwhelmed and disempowered by the stresses of modern life that they convince themselves that they can’t make a difference. So they don’t even try. They bury their talents in the ground and let their spirits wither on the vine of life. I hope they will bestir themselves at least to say every day as an anonymous old man did: “I don’t have the answers, life is not easy, but my heart is in the right place.”

It is so important not to let ourselves off the hook or to become apathetic or cynical by telling ourselves that nothing works or makes a difference. Every day, light your small candle. Tutor or mentor or speak to or smile at that one child – your own or one you teach or serve in some way. Every election, take the time to vote for the leaders who put children first and against those who don’t. Every month decide to write a letter to the editor and to your representatives about a need children have in your community.

The inaction and actions of many human beings over a long time contributed to the crises our children face, and it is the action and struggle of many human beings over time that will solve them with God’s help. So every day, light your small candle. It just might be the one that sparks the movement to save our children’s and nation’s future.” – Marian Wright Edelman

Beautifully written and perfectly said.  What a timely and relevant piece.  Thank you!


Giving Thanks


Today is the day when Americans gather around tables with family and friends and enjoy the Thanksgiving day feast.  The kitchen is warm and ripe with delicious smells, the living room is bursting with life and laughter is rolling. It is a time to bring the pace way down, enjoy the company of those you do not see often enough and giving thanks.


As expats residing in Switzerland, this day can serve as a bitter sweet reminder of the distance that separates us from those we love, and those we cherish.  Though we will not be celebrating today, as regular routines ensue, we will take the time to celebrate this weekend; just the four of us.


Despite the melancholy that can wash over us, it is the perfect time to reflect on all the blessings big and small that have been bestowed upon us. How fortunate are we?  Taking the time to be grateful helps us realize how fortunate we are for the simple pleasures of this life.

We are grateful for:

Our health.

Our family and friends all over the world.

Our position in the world.

For having enough.

For our educations and the ability to educate our children.  A gift my parents so generously gave me and one in which I will always be grateful.  I hope I have made you proud.

For love.

For having a safe place to return to each evening, warm beds to rest our weary bodies and enough food to fill our bellies.

For living in a country that is absent of war.

For the gift of finding true love.

For each and every struggle, for in the struggle we find the valuable lessons.  Oh, I must keep reminding myself of this one.

Be well and Happy Thanksgiving.


Sportmarkt Basel


One of the greatest events for families in Basel is the Sportmarkt that takes place each year at St. Jakobshalle.  This year, on Sunday, November 26 from 11:00 – 17:00 families are encouraged to spend the day trying out an array of sports.  Anything from track and fitness, to Cricket, to Curling, Darts, Ice Hockey, Handball, Lacrosse, Kung-Fu, Judo, and much, much more.

Entrance is free, so dress in sports clothes, bring your water bottle and get ready for a full day of sport!

Local Basel – Abfüllerei Basel


On a recent trip to Gündeli, I passed by the new and environmentally friendly store Abfüllerei Basel.  A small, innovative store designed to eliminate single use packaging is the perfect addition to the neighborhood.

The idea is simple.  Bring in your own packaging or container and fill up your jar with the items you need.  No plastic packaging, no wrappers, no mess or trash.  Brilliant!

So, what is available at the store?  Anything from coffee, tea, cereal, sweets, eggs, yogurt, olive oil, grains, flour, pet food, nuts and seeds.  Also, the store sells a great deal of bio items and offers an array of natural cleaning products.  Perfect!

The next time you are in the neighborhood stop by, purchase your groceries free of packaging and support the local economy because the way we spend our money is how we vote for change.

Address:  Abfüllerei Basel – Güterstrasse 69 – 4053 Basel – www.abfü

Opening Times:  Closed Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 10:00 – 18:30, Thursday 10 – 19:30 and Saturday 9:00 – 16:00