Quotes to Live By


“Sometimes we need to disconnect in order to reconnect with what matters.” -Unknown


What We’re Up To….


It’s summer and just like that 4th grade and 1st grade are things of the past.

Oh, I looked at my kiddos today, deep into their eyes, as I rubbed sunscreen on their line – less faces, and told them, “My God I am artist because I had the honor and privilege of creating you!” Thank you my two crazy,  full of love and hope children. And thank you to my husband for making that possible. I love you all deeply and truly.

Listening to this super fun song entitled, “Family” by Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors.

Reading A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson because it’s light and fun and that is just perfect for summer!

Cannot wait to see this film, The Biggest Little Farm!

Looking forward to new adventures up in those Alps we love! We also look forward to welcoming old friends to this part of the world for hiking adventures, dinners and adventures. Yippee!

Hoping to slow down to a snail’s pace this summer because my gosh, it is necessary after a year of work, the release of our two books, school and the flurry of activities that we refer to as our life. I’ll take it though….all of it because it is sweet bliss. At the end of the day we are all dog tired, but in a good, joyful way! Thank you!

Happy summer!

Fresh Air Kids Switzerland!


Photo courtesy of HELVETIQ

2018 was a very busy, albeit exciting year for us at More2Explore. We felt it was finally time to share our love of the outdoors with others is a more formal way. Thus,  Fresh Air Kids Switzerland52 inspiring hikes that will make kids and parents happy was created with the help of the publishing company HELVETIQ Our book will be published in April 2019. Yippee!

Why Fresh Air Kids Switzerland?

Fresh Air Kids is the book we wish we had when we moved to Switzerland.

With 52 inspiring hikes for families of all ages and abilities, this book is the perfect resource for any family longing to make the most of the Swiss trails.

With walks/hikes ranked as easy, moderate and challenging, there truly is a gorgeous adventure for everyone.

Each hike contains a child-friendly component such as:

places to grill lunch,

a farm,

a playground,

a waterfall,

or incredible overnight adventure.

We also made sure to insert fun kid activities to keep children stimulated on the trail.

We didn’t forget to include a “how to manual” for the parents too.

GPX files are also available for download with each book purchase.


Photo courtesy of HELVETIQ

Where can you purchase the book and when?

Fresh Air Kids Switzerland will be published in April and available at all major bookstores in Switzerland, Germany and France and available in April on the HELVETIQ website. Translated into English, German and French, allowing you to pick your language and hit the trails just in time for hiking season.

Thank you!

We must give HELVETIQ a virtual high-five for believing in us and creating such a visually stimulating book! Thank you to our team of incredibly talented individuals.

And the adventure continues on our new Instagram account.