Nature continues to show us just how small we are, even in the Swiss Alps, on peaks or no peaks, nature and the earth is greater than ourselves; we can only be considered guests.  Here is a view of the Lämmerenhütte (2501m) as viewed from Gemmipass on an early morning sunrise.  The receding Steghorngletscher reminds us of our impact.  We invite you to look here for more views and information about the trail towards Lämmerenhütte and Lämmerensee, additionally, here for an adjacent hike to the infamous Gemmipass.


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In the Alps #5

The “Into the Alps” photo series are snapshots from various trips we have taken in the Alps. Although the photos are primarily in black and white, they aim to show the natural beauty of the Alps in areas which may be of interest to others. We hope you enjoy this series and that you follow us to be a part of the updates.

This photo was taken above the town of Lenk, in the Simmental region of Switzerland.

2008-04-04 - Lenk 019bnwe



Nature.  Awe inspiring and humbling.  Beyond the grandeur, deeper within the Alps, if you are able, you will find your own introspection.  A place of solitude, perhaps, and yet anticipatory of something constructive, progressive, good.  We can all use a little “better” nowadays; we should all strive, not just for our own contentment, but for that of our environment, our species, our future.

This photo was taken near Gemmipass, near Kandersteg, Switzerland.  Other great photos and more on this area can be found on this post.

A lone hiker

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Photo of the Week

Tucked away in the Alps, above the familiar town of Grindelwld, Switzerland, is the wonderful Burghaus Bort.  Open nearly the entire year, they are hosts to hikers, tourists, and at this time of year skiers.  For more information check out a full write up on Burghaus Bort here. This photo was taken on a snowy December evening, a cozy place to stay for the night, or several nights!


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