Family Activities – Pumpkin Carving


It is that time of year again, when the temperatures cool off, apples, pears and quince are abundant and pumpkins are all the rage.

If you are a family that resides in or near Basel mark your calendars for TODAY, Sunday, October 14 and October 28 for Family Sunday at Grün 80 (Rainstrasse 6, 4142 Münchenstein).

For just Fr. -2 children can purchase a pumpkin, carve the pumpkin and leave the mess. Yes!!! Plus, once you have finished carving enjoy a gorgeous walk around the Merian Gärtens.

For more information visit.


38th Basel Rhein Swim


For all of the swimming enthusiasts out there, mark your calendar for the 38th annual Rhein Swim.

Where:  The Rhein of course!

When:  Tuesday, August 14

Time: 18:00

For more information including safety tips and maps, click here.

Free Sunday Concert – Meriangärten


Looking for a fabulous and free experience during the summer months?  Each Sunday from 3. June through 26 August from 11:00 – 11:45 the Meriangärtens will host free, concerts for the public right before you reach the small playground.  We have attended these in the past and had a wonderful time with our children.  Mark your calendars and start your Sunday off on the right note.


Vorder Brülingen 5

4052 Basel



Birthday Parties for Children in Basel

Happy Birthday

Birthday Party Ideas

In your home country, you are more than likely already aware of all the places in which you can book a birthday party for your children, but once you move abroad, the searching begins. Don’t allow this to stress you out. The more birthday parties we attend, the less hoopla that surrounds the event, the better the party seems to go. To help you plan your next party, I have compiled a list of ideas to get you started.


Local Parks

We have attended several birthday parties at local parks, and I must admit they are a real treat. Children run freely, come around for snacks and cake and are once again, off to play and explore. Parents love this idea because there is little mess to clean up and the worry over too many children in one house or location simply doesn’t exist. Plan a few activities such as face painting, water balloons tosses, or other creative games to pull the children together during key times.



– Küpferstrasse 3,

79540 Lörrach, Germany

+49 7621 424940

A huge indoor play place, this haven for children hosts birthday parties for children of all ages. Book in advance especially during the winter months.

 Community Centers – Familienzentrum

For a nominal rental fee, the community center in your neighborhood will rent out their common space, typically consisting of a kitchen space, equipped with a coffee machine and access to a stove, a toy room for the children in the group and a space for parents and children to sit and relax. We have enjoyed renting these spaces for our son’s winter birthday when weather prohibits long celebrations outdoors. Contact your local community center well in advance, as they tend to book – up far in advance.


The Forest

The forest is another prime location for birthday parties. Invite friends, plan to grill with plenty of sausages, bread, also known in German as Schlangenbrot (pre-made pizza dough works perfectly if you don’t have the time to make your own), plus children love cooking the bread and the sausages on sticks over the campfire. Bring a few games to play, invite the parents to stay and allow the children to simply explore and play in their new surroundings.

Some forest playgroups even offer organized birthday parties for children of all ages. One example of this is the Waldentdeckungsraum located in the Allschwiler Wald.


Contact person: Andrea Pfandlbauer

077 464 0959

Zoo Basel

Basel Zoo

The Basel Zoo is a particularly special place to celebrate a birthday. The zoo will help you choose a theme for your party and will provide a unique experience, including personalized tours for all of your guests. To learn more about their offerings or to book your birthday party, please call +41 061 295 35 35.


For a nominal expense, children can celebrate their birthday at McDonald’s with a few of their closest friends. Meals, a cake and party favors are all provided along with craft making possibilities.. Contact your local McDonald’s to learn more about the price and available dates.

Robispiel – Several of the Robispiel sites allow families to rent the space to host birthday parties.  Consider SpielEstrich, which costs 200 for an afternoon rental.



Aquabasilea – Hardstrasse 57, 4133 Pratteln

Birthday parties can be booked in two – four hour time frames for children six years of age to 15. Entrance is CHF 18 for two hours per child and CHF 27 for four hours per child.

To learn more about the birthday parties offered by Aquabasilea, or to book your party visit their website at

Sutter Begg

The Sutter Begg located on Frankfurt-Strasse 80 in Münchenstein offers birthday parties for children from 5 years of age to 12 years old. To learn more about what they have to offer, please call +41 061 685 9696 or email them at

Basler Kinder Theater Schützengraben 9, 4051

If your child enjoys theater, consider scheduling a birthday party with the Basler Kinder Theater.   The theater is for children and by children, is located at Schützengraben 9. The productions change on a routine basis and are certain to engage children from four to 16 years of age.

All Familienpass cardholders receive a discount on tickets, so be certain to have your card with your upon entry. Children who are celebrating a birthday receive free entry and all friends of the birthday child receive entry at just 5 francs. What better way to bring in a new year in your child’s life?

To learn more about the Basler Kinder Theater, please visit the website at:

Happy Birthday!

*If any information is not correct, please let us know!


Expat Life – Reaching Out


Moving to a new country can be ripe with emotions, especially that of being lonely, but it doesn’t have to be.  Basel does a nice job of reaching out to the expat community with two incredible organizations.

The first organization I can highly recommend, especially for newcomers with children, is the Basel Children’s Trust.  A non-profit organization that caters to families, there are special events, routine playgroups, Moms’ Night Out, Dads’ Night Out and much more.  They also produce an incredibly information newsletter each month entitled, Parenting Pages, which is a benefit of becoming a member.  Visit their website for more information – Basel Children’s Trust.

Centrepoint is another fabulous organization for those residing in Basel.  With a space of their own, they are able to host coffee mornings, conversational language course, special events and much more.  The organization is always looking for volunteers, so if you are looking to get involved and help out, this might just be the place for you.  Centrepoint

Despite not being a member, InterNations is the ideal organization for meeting other expats with organized events and the ability to pair off with another expat, there might not be a better way to answer your most pressing questions and settle in.

One more idea to gain connection is to join a gym.  Gyms can be incredibly social places, plus you get the added benefit of burning calories.

All the best with your new transition!