Expat Life – Reaching Out


Moving to a new country can be ripe with emotions, especially that of being lonely, but it doesn’t have to be.  Basel does a nice job of reaching out to the expat community with two incredible organizations.

The first organization I can highly recommend, especially for newcomers with children, is the Basel Children’s Trust.  A non-profit organization that caters to families, there are special events, routine playgroups, Moms’ Night Out, Dads’ Night Out and much more.  They also produce an incredibly information newsletter each month entitled, Parenting Pages, which is a benefit of becoming a member.  Visit their website for more information – Basel Children’s Trust.

Centrepoint is another fabulous organization for those residing in Basel.  With a space of their own, they are able to host coffee mornings, conversational language course, special events and much more.  The organization is always looking for volunteers, so if you are looking to get involved and help out, this might just be the place for you.  Centrepoint

Despite not being a member, InterNations is the ideal organization for meeting other expats with organized events and the ability to pair off with another expat, there might not be a better way to answer your most pressing questions and settle in.

One more idea to gain connection is to join a gym.  Gyms can be incredibly social places, plus you get the added benefit of burning calories.

All the best with your new transition!



Summer Inspiration


Summer is quickly approaching and if you are anything like me, you must have plans for the children far in advance.  I just discovered that the incredible Theater Arlecchino will be hosting free events in Grün 80 the entire month of July and August.  No reservations are required and most shows are held at 14:00 and again at 16:00.

So pack a picnic, and enjoy some children’s theater in a beautiful setting.  One activity down, now only 99 more to plan!  Whew!

Theater Arlecchino

Botanical Gardens

One of our favorite places to visit is the Botanical Gardens.  All year, it evolves with the seasons, augmenting to the environment, and captivating us differently each time.  On a recent visit, and with the Daily Post’s theme in mind (Lines), we were able to capture many natural elements exhibiting beauty while, in their own way, showing their lines.  In some cases, one must look closely to see natures detail…

This post is part of the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Lines

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Women Who Hike


Ladies, let’s go for a hike! Yep, that means you, so everyone is welcome to join!

Hopefully by the time we embark on this hike, the weather will be incredible and all the flowers will be in bloom.  Are you in?  If so, the details are below and feel free to bring a friend because there is nothing like sharing the love of nature with others!

What this hike is not…child friendly, because we all need a bit of a break, despite our love for the little people.

Date:  Saturday, April 21

Time:  10:00

Start Location: Arlesheim Dorf (tram 10 Arlesheim Dorf)  We will hike through Arlesheim onto Muttenz – over to Müchenstein down to St. Jakob.  If you plan to come, let me know and we will look for you at the start point in Arlesheim Dorf at the tram stop.

Length:  I am not too sure, however, plan for 10+ leaning towards 15+

Time:  4 hours (but that may vary)

End Location:  Either Muttenz or St. Jakob (tram 14)

Bring:  Please bring water, snacks, a good mood, a friend, wear hiking boots and hiking clothes.  Layers are awesome!

Weather:  We will hike in all weather except rain.  I am not a big fan of hiking in rain!

I am looking forward to seeing a fabulous group of women on this hike.  Spread the word!