The Power of One

At a recent TEDx Youth event in Basel, we had the honor of watching Greta Thunberg’s talk, which was streamed into the conference. This articulate, well – spoken, passionate child was nothing short of inspiring. Her talk about climate change caused us all to stop in our tracks, take a deep breath and ponder our own rates of consumption, our own eating habits and our own way of living. Getting people to think critically is not always an easy task, but Greta, at just 11 years of age, provided the audience will a gift that will be far reaching. She also sparked an important dialogue, a necessary conversation that leaves us to wonder; how can we make a positive change to reduce climate change, to protect the environment for not only our generation, but for all those yet to come?

Thank you!



“Man-made climate change is real, it’s happening now, and it’s among the greatest challenges we face on planet Earth.” – Wildlife in a Warming World Report


After School Activities – Judo


Searching for after school activities can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.

Judo, which is a Japanese martial art that literally means, “the way of gentleness” after combining the “ju”and “do.”  The sport utilizes both the mind and body and provides ideal training for children and adults of all ages. For children that require physical training, full body movement, appreciate respect for a sport and need to work on concentration, Judo is the ideal sport.

We can highly recommend Judo Schule Nippon in Basel.  We have spent years at the club and appreciate all the school has to offer. With highly trained teachers that work extremely well with children of all levels/ages, this school is professional, fun and dedicated to the sport.

Oh, and mark your calendars for World Judo Day, which is celebrate on the 28th of October.

Let’s Hike – November 29th



It is time for another hike because our last hike was such a success! 

If you are reading this, you are welcome to join!

Date: Thursday, November 29

Time: 8:30

Meeting Place and Return Location: Sevogelstrasse Tram Stop (tram 14 towards Pratteln)

Distance: Let’s shoot for 6 – 10k

Location: Baselland

Bring: Warm clothes, wear hiking shoes, something to drink, tram pass, snacks and a smile.  Never forget the smile!  See you soon!

Weather: No hiking in the rain!  If it is raining please stay home, enjoy a cup of coffee and read a good book. Or meet me at the gym for a group workout.

Autumn Fair Basel

It is almost that time of year again in Basel when the rides are installed, the  savory food is plentiful and the city draws millions of people from the neighboring countries to celebrate the fall festivities.

This year Basler Herbstmesse will take place from Saturday, October 27 through Sunday, November 11.  The main locations for this seasonal event are:  Marktplatz, Barfüsserplatz, Petersplatz, Kasernenareal, and Messeplatz.

Mark your calendars, grab your children and enjoy this magical time of the year!

Family Activities – Pumpkin Carving


It is that time of year again, when the temperatures cool off, apples, pears and quince are abundant and pumpkins are all the rage.

If you are a family that resides in or near Basel mark your calendars for TODAY, Sunday, October 14 and October 28 for Family Sunday at Grün 80 (Rainstrasse 6, 4142 Münchenstein).

For just Fr. -2 children can purchase a pumpkin, carve the pumpkin and leave the mess. Yes!!! Plus, once you have finished carving enjoy a gorgeous walk around the Merian Gärtens.

For more information visit.