Basel – Mexican Food


After spending years living in California, it is easy to say, we love good Mexican food. That can also lead us to say that living in Switzerland makes it pretty hard to enjoy delicious, authentic Mexican food. Sigh…

We have tried for years to experience the type of Mexican food that leaves our mouths watering with a burrito in hand and fond memories of our once California life. It just doesn’t happen. That is, until recently when we had the opportunity to meet some dear friends at a new restaurant in Basel – Cartell. Yum!

Cartell serves up authentic, homemade, delicious Mexican food in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. Not only is the vibe of the restaurant chill and relaxed (yes to that), the staff might just pull up a seat, share a drink with you and dive into their life stories.  When the current Chef, Rudolfo did just that, we felt as though we were dining at a good friend’s house making our experience that much more enjoyable.

So, if you are hankering for some hardcore, authentic Mexican food, head over to Cartell located at: Henric Petri-Strasse 24 – 4051 Basel. We promise, you won’t be disappointed!

We had a rule, which we have now broken on multiple occasions. The latest installment of rule breaking happened on our eighth or ninth trip to Mallorca. Shoot, we were only supposed to go once, but there is something about that island that pulls us back. Perhaps it steams from the early days of our marriage when we stumbled upon dreamy pictures of that island that left us pining for a romantic anniversary destination. Or it could quite possibly be that we reside in a landlocked country that doesn’t have an ocean of its own. Maybe it is the fact that we can fly there in less than two hours. Or the sight of our children splashing in the ocean, running down the shores of the salty sea like puppies freed at last, we sigh in their delight. Or the warm embrace we receive each time we visit our dear friends that call the island home. Those hugs, those familiar faces and the meals we share gathered around a table that warm and welcoming all inspire us to return.


SwissPats – Podcast Interview

Hello there! We hope you are having a glorious summer. We are spending loads of time in the mountains, hiking and exploring. Yeah to the Swiss Alps for making summer so magical!

We recently had the opportunity to appear on the podcast, SwissPats hosted by Suzi Lyon and Don Delco. Thank you for the invitation to sit down and chat with you both. It truly was a pleasure!


If you are interested in learning more about life as a Swiss Expat and our latest book, Fresh Air Kids – 52 Inspiring Hikes That Will Make Kids and Parents Happy, have a listen.

The podcast will roll out on August 7th.



Summer, oh my, it is heating up this summer and the best way to escape the heat is to hit the pools. These pools aren’t just rectangular lap pools, nope, they are all kinds of amazing in Switzerland. From baby pools, to slides, to diving boards, to just straight up incredible, we are fortunate enough to have several public pools in our area.

If you do not already have the Familien Pass, considering purchasing this handy little card that not only provides discounts for family activities, but for just SFr 30 per year, it comes with two pages of coupons, including multiple free passes for pools in the area. Free entry is a very good thing!

Tip:  Place the pool coupons in a jar and allow your children to grab a coupon at random.  Once you see what the coupon reads, that will be your summer activity for the day.

Schwimmbad Aesch – Dornacherstrasse 85, 4147 Aesch

A personal favorite is the Aesch pool. Yes, prepare for a rather long journey to get there, but the pool is perfect for little people. The small river is a hit with our son who loves to watch balls and toys float down the path, I can watch both of them without having a mommy heart attack and if they are up for it, we can all three enjoy the slide together. A restaurant onsite and ample grass space, I simply adore this pool. Arrange to meet friends here on a sunny day and pack enough provisions for the day.

Gartenbad St. Jakob – St. Jakobs Strasse 400

St, Jakob pool is a gorgeous, outdoor haven for swim enthusiasts.  The baby pool has been completely redesigned, making it safer and more enjoyable for small children, which is a plus for parents with small children. The slides are always a big hit with older children, as are the diving boards.  With five pools, ample grass space, a restaurant, changing areas and showers, you might just spend an entire day here.

Gartenbad beim Scholss Bottmingen – Burggartenstrasse 15

This pool is lovely in every way. With an expansive lawn area, a sliding board, diving boards, a generous lap pool and a whirlpool, the children can be entertained for hours. There is a restaurant onsite, plus showers and a large locker room.

Naturbad Riehen – Weilstrasse 69

This is truly a one-of–a-kind experience. The Naturbad is just that, natural. No chlorine, no blue pool, rather, the “pool” looks like a lake. I must admit, the pool is hard for our daughter to embrace as she cannot see underwater, but, it has a wonderful relaxed vibe and is perfect for those people who may not do well in chlorine. Small, but delightful, this unique swimming pool is worth a visit.