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2014-08-08 - Iceland Plane 347

It’s safe to admit that we haven’t been the best at posting photos on our Instagram account.  Mr. Explore recently added a few hearty shots from his autumn trip to the gorgeous Saas-Fee, so if you are interested, take a look.

Here’s to capturing amazing moments in our lives.



Best of… Photos

Over the past 11 years living abroad, raising two children, stoking the fire of travel, wandering the Alps, and then some, we’ve accumulated a few photos of our travels.  We hope you enjoy them, and if you are curious where we’ve been… click the link and all the best from More2Explore.


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Belcastle, France

Park the car on the edge of town and you are not quite in full view of the town. As you walk, up and along the stream, you are drawn back in time. The quite stone village of Belcastle looks like something out of a movie; pristine flower garnished houses, a small church tolling on the hour, and a tree lined stream running through. The stonework cascades down offering a meandering hike up to a small castle along cobblestone streets with commanding views of this village which seems to have been tucked away for centuries. Belcastle is a unique experience and a welcomed stop from navigating the meandering rural roads.

In the Alps #7

The “Into the Alps” photo series are snapshots from various trips we have taken in the Alps. Although the photos are primarily in black and white, they aim to show the natural beauty of the Alps in areas which may be of interest to others. We hope you enjoy this series and that you follow us to be a part of the updates.

This photo was taken from the town of Bettmeralp, a car free village in the Swiss Alps in the canton of Valais.  South facing, the town has commanding views of some of the highest peaks in Switzerland, and is one of the best jumping off points for hiking to, and near, the Aletsch Glacier, the biggest glacier in continental Europe.


Photo of the Week

Tucked away in the Alps, above the familiar town of Grindelwld, Switzerland, is the wonderful Burghaus Bort.  Open nearly the entire year, they are hosts to hikers, tourists, and at this time of year skiers.  For more information check out a full write up on Burghaus Bort here. This photo was taken on a snowy December evening, a cozy place to stay for the night, or several nights!


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