Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken

Just over the border from Switzerland, in Leymen, France, lies the ruine of Landskrone Castle.  The castle accessible by tram 11, makes for a beautiful day hike, a wonderful opportunity for guests or a lovely frolic through times past.  For more information and images of Landskrone, we invite you to another post.

Nice Light

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Albi, France

I shook my head as we stood perched high above the Tarn River. Why is it that we rarely visit France I wondered? An expansive country, rich in farm land and stunning towns, we felt as though we were thrown back to our Tuscan days with hill top towns to explore, wine to drink, landscapes to roam and farms to envy.



The small town of Albi was no exception. Albi is a beautifully preserved city that captivated us immediately with quaint medieval bridges, a vibrant city center and the gorgeous St. Cecelia Cathedral.

Albi, as we have come to learn, located in the South of France, has roughly 52,000 inhabitants and is the capital of the Tarn. The cathedral meticulously preserved, sits in the heart of the city, built out of brick between the years 1282 and 1480, was worth the visit.


With a slow day on the agenda, we meandered through the city streets, the children chased passing pigeons and we absorbed the sun that lit up this city perfectly.


This was one of the many impressive cities we visited while we were in the Toulouse area of France. More to come…

Early Morning

We recently stayed in a (very) small village in France.  So small, we were certainly out numbered by rabbits and livestock.  The quiet area was refreshing, and the mornings quite chilly.  Here is a small farm house in the village of Teillet, France, and another post on the neighboring city of Albi, France.


This post is part of the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Early Bird

The Weekend Retreat – Pampelonne, France

Tucked away down a quiet lane, sits the rural oasis that is a converted pig barn and our home for one week. Located in Pampelonne, France, we sought peace and tranquility, as most of our days back home are surrounded by the constant hum of city life. Trams whiz by, cars travel at all hours of the day, but this little retreat in rural France, provided a calm escape from all of that. The only noises we heard were birds chirping, the laughter of our children as they threw countless balls to the resident dog Fidget, and the sigh of relief as we slowly sipped wine in the yard.



Exactly the kind of quiet we needed, the green space the children required and the location that opened up to the rest of the Mid- Pyrénées section of France. With hilltop towns to explore, castles to meander, lakes to walk around and ice cream to eat, this was the perfect place to rest our heads for the week.2015-04-02-Touls_473

The house was magnificent with a wood – burning stove that provided cozy evenings for the entire family and the house was big enough for us to stretch our legs and feel right at home.

2015-04-02-Touls_014 To locate this listing, please visit them on airbnb and don’t forget to say “hello” to Andy and Julie our incredibly accommodating hosts.