Pratteln to Muttenz – Rebenweg



There is something absolutely magical about the autumn. Wearing sweaters, getting cozy under the glow of candles at night and the urge to hunker down and relax are all moments of dream of year round. Another aspect of the autumn that is full of joy and wonder, is the opportunity to hike through the many vineyards that fill the Swiss landscape. If you are located in the Basel area and looking for a gorgeous ramble through the vines consider the following:

Start: Pratteln  Banhofstrasse (tram 14)

Finish:  Muttenz Dorf or reverse

Time: Roughly 2 hours

Accessible via tram 14 – Pratteln

Kilometers: Roughly 7.3km

Trail Markers: Follow the white and green trail markers indicating, “Rebenweg.”

We have completed this hike several times and enjoy this easy trail immensely this time of the year.

To see more details, including a map on this hike, please visit:

Women Gather or Gym & Tonic

“She believed she could, so she did.” – Unknown


Influenced by a dear friend experiencing the inevitable woes of motherhood, we have assembled a group of unique, diverse women to gather once a month in an effort to do the following:

1. Help each other rise to our full potential

2. Provide a physical opportunity to sweat and move

3. An educational component that is designed to inspire, teach and facilitate essential life skills

4. Harvest our inner badass because let’s face it, in this world we all need a bit more confidence with the ability to influence each other in a very positive way.

You in?

First meeting details:

Date: Thursday, October 24, 2019

Location: Sevogelstrasse Tram stop (tram 14)

Time: 08:15 estimated finishing time: 10:30

What: A vineyard hike with a map reading session

Sounds awesome right…so go ahead and join us, we’d love to share this experience with as many women as possible.

No need to register or let me know, simply show up…on time!


Order A Book!


Photo credit HELVETIQ

We are pleased to announce that our book, Fresh Air Kids Switzerland is now available through the Book Depository. If you are residing outside of Switzerland and looking for a way to purchase our book (free of shipping costs), pop on over to the Book Depository  and order your copy today. Then all you have to do is book your tickets to Switzerland and hit the trails!

*The book description is in German, however, the book is listed in English. To read more details on our book, click here.



Autumn is nearly here…


Now that it is almost autumn (you can feel it coming can’t you) and our favorite time to hike, here’s a little inspiration on how to spend the perfect fall weekend. You know, the kind of weekend that begs you to get outside and marvel in all the rich, brilliant colors, all the while wearing your favorite sweater and perhaps even a little hat and scarf. Oh, my, I am excited just thinking about the season that is upon us. Giddy in fact.

So, go and enjoy a long, gorgeous autumn hike (if you need a little inspiration, our book, Fresh Air Kids Switzerland is full of lovely family-friendly ideas) followed by a delicious, mouth watering fondue. The yummy cheesy dish that fills that house with a romantic aroma that just begs you to gather around the table, drink a class of wine or cognac and enjoy deep conversations with family and friends.

Hmm…if you think that might just hit the spot, well, we have just the book for you to create your own, delicious fondues right at home. Haute Fondue was created by Jennifer and Arnaud Favre and provides delicious inspiration for a warm meal, perfect after any outdoor excursion.

Now that the inspiration has been provided, all that is left to do is lace up those hiking boots, dust off the fondue pots and enjoy the cooler temperatures. Yum!




Haute Fondue (deutsch)


Both photo credits belong to HELVETIQ. Thank you!

Fresh Air Kids – What People Are Saying


Photo credit: HELVETIQ

Writing a book is an incredible experience, especially when that experience has been a life-long dream. We still smile whenever we touch our book, flip through the pages and see images of my children with hiking boots on in remarkable locations.

Having that said, Fresh Air Kids Switzerland is so much more to us than just a hiking book. For us, it is about connecting families to the natural world. Teaching children, or, the next generation, to care for a world that desperately requires our love and attention. It is about slowing down, returning to our roots, and finding tiny miracles on a network of trails that is vast, gorgeous and accessible. It is about falling in love with the outdoors, awakening our senses and discovering moments that leave us with tears in our eyes and wonder in our souls.

We are grateful for all of the support we have received as we promote our book and as we continue to share our love of nature with families across Switzerland.  Our deep hope is that we have done right by our readers and continue to spark awe and joy through the hikes we share with you. Be well and hike on!

Here is what people are saying about Fresh Air Kids Switzerland…

“Thank you for the amazing book.” – Amanda

Thanks Fresh Air Kids for all the tips and suggestions. We went on our first hike from your book to Reinach on the Skulpturenweg and enjoyed every minute of it. It was so handy to know before hand details like how many kilometers it was and roughly how much time we would need. Already planning our next hike. Thanks again, your book really entices one outdoors and what’s more, its incredibly helpful for inexperienced hikers like ourselves. It’s fabulous. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – Rozanne

Discover new places, make new friends, and live the Switzerland dream! Fresh Air Kids is for all ages and our family of teens were very thankful for the tips provided by the Grindelwald First hike. We discovered a suspension bridge, woke up to unbelievable views and enjoyed the cable car ride back down the mountain. This book is a must have for every out door backpack. –Nicole Scoles, Basel West GGG Stadtbibliothek Librarian

“I love the quality of the book and the texture of its pages.”

“Finding our way with a useful resource.” – Julie

For more information on our book, please click here.