Switzerland is home to over 65,000km of impressive hiking trails, but where do you hike with children? We are familiar with that question because all those years ago when we welcomed our son into our lives we wondered the exact same thing.

Well, after years of hiking, we thought it was time to put together a book that answers all of your pressing questions about hiking with children.

You know…

How do I hike with children?

Is it safe to hike with children?

Where do we hike with children?

How do we read trail markers and how do we know if the route is safe?

Is there anything fun, or of interest along the route for our children to see or do?

How do we keep our children hiking when the going gets tough?

We answered all of your questions and more. With over 52 family approved hikes,  in 19 of the 26 cantons in Switzerland, there is a hike waiting for you!

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of our book and getting inspired by one of the many trails we outline in Switzerland, simply click here and happy trails!

Fresh Air Kids Switzerland – 52 Inspiring Hikes That Will Make Kids and Parents Happy.

SwissPats – Podcast Interview

Hello there! We hope you are having a glorious summer. We are spending loads of time in the mountains, hiking and exploring. Yeah to the Swiss Alps for making summer so magical!

We recently had the opportunity to appear on the podcast, SwissPats hosted by Suzi Lyon and Don Delco. Thank you for the invitation to sit down and chat with you both. It truly was a pleasure!


If you are interested in learning more about life as a Swiss Expat and our latest book, Fresh Air Kids – 52 Inspiring Hikes That Will Make Kids and Parents Happy, have a listen.

The podcast will roll out on August 7th.

Trail Life

2019-06-21-Farm_046 copy

Here is a full omission, there is no such thing as a perfect trail family. Nope, it simply doesn’t exist. We spent loads of time outside and on the incredible network of trails in Switzerland, but all of our trips are not nature induced bliss. We struggle, we cringe sometimes at the uphills, we make rookie mistakes like everyone. Our children throw fits, cry and have meltdowns, but they recover and together as a family we push on. We believe pushing through the hard teaching us all valuable life lessons. We hope we are right!

The one aspect of the natural world that is always perfect is the fact that it is ever present. Nature is always there for us to calm our overstimulated minds, to provide exercise is an overly stagnant world and nature provides us with beauty that our eyes have yet to grow tired of.

Despite some difficult times, some of our happiest moments as a family have been spent on trails. We think being candid is paramount when it comes to hiking with children. Being vulnerable is never comfortable, but we want to let families know that to abandon the outdoors because of less than favorable behavior is to neglect a world that imparts endless wonder. Push through the hard times and we promise, you will be rewarded with so many gifts only the natural world can provide.

Fresh Air Kids Switzerland – My Book of Discoveries


We are thrilled to announce that our second book, Fresh Air Kids Switzerland – My Book of Discoveries is now available.

This book was designed exclusively for children to take with them on all of their outdoor adventures. With scavenger hunts, coloring pages, a summer bucket list and lots of pages to track all of their hiking journeys, children of all ages will enjoy hitting the trails with their new hiking companion.

Cool book features include:

Written in 3 languages (English, German & French) to enhance learning.

Small and light making it easy for little people to carry in their backpacks.

Playful graphics make the book not only fun, but easy to use.

The perfect way for children to document all of their outdoor experiences.

Ideal for long train trips.

A great way to encourage learning in nature.

Note to Parents:

If you are a parent that is looking to add an educational component to your summer holidays, this handy- dandy book might just be your ticket. As an educator myself, my children will both be sporting this book on our travels and at home. With three languages and creative educational components, my hope is that my kiddos learn while having fun outside!


Our book is now available in all major bookstores and of course, through our incredible publisher’s website.

Have fun!