What are you grateful for?


A few nights a week, as we gather around our family table, we pose the simple question, “What are you grateful for?” It is very basic, but it provides us with a nice daily practice to focus on as a family.

As we all state three things we are most grateful for that day or in general, the answers never cease to surprise me. We have come to realize that our children are never grateful for the things they have, but rather the simple aspects of their lives that bring them joy, comfort or stability.

On a regular basis, you can hear our children, or us saying the following:

I am grateful for….

having enough.

for my family.

for living in Switzerland.

that there is no war in this country.

that we have pets.

for a warm bed.

And so, we encourage our readers to take a moment to place gratitude in the forefront of your lives and witness what happens.



In my humble mind, if you want to truly transform a woman and watch her rise to her full potential, introduce her to sports. I do not care what type of sport, whether it be running, hiking, basketball, soccer, tennis, triathlon, swimming or fencing, simply allow her to step into any arena relating to a sport and watch as she…

Grows wings- Yes, she will take flight in a way she has never flown before. She will leave the ground and begin to soar. Her world and her horizon will broaden and she will no longer reside in one dimension. Her wings may at times be tucked away, but they will always be present.

Establishes confidence – There is nothing more beautiful than a confident woman and sports create unprecedented confidence in all of those who participate. Through movement, discipline and routine training, she becomes a warrior; one capable of so much more than she ever imagined. And thus she continues to show-up, day-after-day putting in her valuable time.

Blossoms through love – Through sport, she will begin to love herself in an entirely new way. She will observe her body, like an outsider and become amazed and grateful at what it can do. That love will propel her to fuel her body with nutritious foods, hydrate with clean liquids and value herself in a way that makes her legendary.


Shares her gift – When a woman finds her passion, whatever that may be, it is necessary she share her gift with others. Whether that be showing up at a race, teaching another the skill she has acquired, or by opening a new window for others. By taking the time to share with others, she not only offers her enthusiasm, but she may also ignite a fire in someone. That fire has the capability to transform another person’s life. That…that right there, is tremendous power.

Learns respect – She will come to respect her body and protect her machine allowing nothing to damage what she has trained so hard to achieve. She will respect her sport, those who embark on a similar journey and she will develop a deep respect for time, discipline and routine. That respect is transferable both on and off the field.

We are all capable of greatness.

Find your passion, ignite your fire and never, ever play small.

Let your light shine!