The Weekend Retreat – Hotel and Nature Resort Handeck

When was the last time you stepped into a hotel and were blown away by the customer service, friendliness and attention to detail? Honestly, we are rarely overly  impressed with hotels and we travel quite frequently, but there was something extra special about Hotel and Nature Resort Handeck.

2015-07-11-Grmsl_280 Hotel and Nature Resort Handeck is a remarkable family – friendly hotel in the gorgeous Grimselwelt area of Switzerland. Not only did the hotel provide us with wonderful accommodations, but Handeck is situated in an area that is full of outdoor adventure.

We hiked, walked over the Handeck Suspension Bridge, took the KWO Power Plant Tour, drove the breathtaking Grimsel Pass, swam, and enjoyed the hair raising Gelmerbahn Funicular. Whew…a weekend full of fabulous activities that kept the entire family actively engaged.

What makes Hotel and Nature Resort Handeck so special:

  • The beautiful location
  • The attention to detail
  • Immaculate and child – friendly rooms
  • Incredible staff members that were friendly, helpful and just kind people
  • The grounds, including a playground, trampoline, outdoor heated swimming pool and fitness area.
  • Hikes accessible right from the hotel grounds.
  • A cheese making facility in close proximity
  • The ability to rent (free of charge) the hotel’s e- car! Amazing for this car-free family!
  • The best apple cake we have ever eaten! A must eat when you visit!
  • The delicious meals.
  • Gorgeous breakfast buffet.
  • Remembering my husband’s birthday with a beautiful cake – priceless!

We all left feeling rejuvenated, relaxed (and families traveling with small children know you often return from vacations longing for down time) and felt like we were able to do and see a great deal on our trip! This hotel is highly recommended for families with children of all ages.

2015-07-11-Grmsl_248 2015-07-11-Grmsl_243 We might have just stumbled upon our new favorite hotel!

The Weekend Retreat – Somewhere High Above Engelberg

One might be able to forgo a few modern-day conveniences to crash in a place with incredible views, endless hiking opportunities and a mere two – hours from home, wouldn’t ya say?  What a breathtaking place to rest a weary body after full days of exploring trails and lakes. Oh, but as far as I know, it isn’t a hotel (please correct me if I am wrong) or even a modest berghaus. Perhaps a private dwelling of a friend I wish I had, but for now, one can dream and dream I will do.


Enjoy the beautiful weekend weather and remember to get out and go!

Photo of the Week – February 28th

There is much to see and experience in Barcelona, Spain.  If you have the chance, visit Gaudi Park for a nice walk through the various artwork.  Below the image was taken underneath the main terrace.


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The Weekend Retreat – 3100 Kulmhotel Gornergrat

Gornergrat is nothing short of majestic.  The scenic ride up from Zermatt, though rather pricey, is a fantastic way to get better acquainted with Switzerland. Most people though, simply step off the train, take a few shots of the Matterhorn and one overly priced photo with the iconic St. Bernard, possibly grab something to eat on the terrace and then board the train again.  Don’t be a loser…stay awhile.

Though Gornergrat is a bustling sea of tourists throughout the day, the nights are incredibly relaxing.  Once the mass of people have fled to catch the last train down the mountain for the evening, the hotel seems to be engulfed in a breathless stream of quiet.  So high up, the stars dance under clear skies for every onlooker.  With a glass of wine in hand and a dear friend or partner in the other, the magic unfolds right before your eyes. The sun slowly starts to set in ways and colors that are unimaginable and unlike anything you have ever seen. You almost feel like a kid in a candy store; with one taste, you long for more.  With the shutter speed set to high on your camera and your memory bank trying desperately to wrap itself around the magnificent sights it is beholding, you feel change stirring inside of you.


Sitting on top of what seems to be the world, you feel as though the mountains and all that they offer is within reach – as if anything is possible.  Glaciers cascade down mountain peaks, and the famous Matterhorn positions itself perfectly in your view.  The air is so thin and the views so remarkable one can easily feel out of breath.  The backdrop is unlike most others in the Swiss Alps – too high to house the lush, green landscape of other mountain towns; the terrain is rocky, uneven and beautifully unique.

With a full day of trekking, watching, and waiting behind you, there is nothing left to do but retreat indoors for a delicious meal and the comforts of your room with yet another a kick – ass view!

If this post hasn’t convinced you to make the trip – check out the website:

To read more about Zermatt stay tuned for our upcoming post.